Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -Importance of Brahmacharya

Questioner: Which is better, practice of brahmacharya without ever getting exposed to marriage or woman/man or practice of brahmacharya after getting married?

Dadashri: Brahmacharya since childhood is entirely a different thing. But what are child brahmacharis of today like? The times are bad these days. If you read about their life, you would get a headache right away.

I will show you the way to practice brahmacharya if you want to. You have to follow that way. It is not mandatory for you to practice brahmacharya. This will only happen if your karma effects are there in this regard. The vow of brahmacharya to be taken and be preserved will happen only if your previous karmas are such. It can be preserved if your deep inner intent (bhaav) from previous life was so. The other way to preserve brahmacharya is based on your unflinching determination to do so.

Your unflinching determination (nischaya) coupled with the energy of my words, which is always there, will preserve brahmacharya.

Questioner: The charged karmas that have come with this body from past life, cannot be changed, can they?

Dadashri: No, they cannot be changed. Yet, sex is one thing that can be changed through the agna of The Gnani Purush. (here, special agna, the direction given by the Gnani to the one who desires brahmacharya). But this vow, agna cannot be given to everyone. I have given it to only few selected people. The agna of a Gnani has the power to change everything. The seeker of brahmacharya simply has to make a firm decision that no matter what happens, I will not have anything to do with sex, at any cost. Then, I would give him the agna and vow of brahmacharya and then the energy of my words start working in him. His chit will not be distracted anymore.

If a person practices brahmacharya and attains its full glory then it is a very big thing. What more one needs when, together with brahmacharya, he has ‘Dada’s Gnan’, this ‘ Akram Vignan’? This Akram Vignan alone is such that with its experience and the extraordinary result of the accomplished brahmacharya, one enjoys the bliss of an emperor of emperors. All the kings of the world will have to bow to him.

Questioner: At the moment, even our neighbor does not salute.

Questioner: Despite understanding, the mind still stays fascinated in all the vishayas, objects of enjoyments of the world. We understand what is right and what is wrong, and yet we cannot be free from these vishayas. What is the solution for this?

Dadashri: True understanding is one that produces results. All other understanding is barren.

Questioner: What should one do to make this understanding fruitful?

Dadashri: I will explain to you in detail.  Then that understanding itself will continue to produce results. You do not have to do anything. In fact, you will ruin it if you try to meddle in it. The knowledge, the gnan, the understanding that produces results, is the right knowledge.

If there is anything in this world that merits slander, it is the practice of abrahmacharya. Others are not worth disparaging much.

Questioner: But, psychologists say that sexual impulses never stop. They stay till the end. Therefore, vital energy of the semen cannot rise higher towards spirituality, can it? 

Dadashri: What I am saying is that once the opinion about sex changes, sex does not remain! As long as the opinion about sex does not change the energy of the semen does not rise higher. And here, in Akram we make a direct entry in to the Self and that is what we call rising higher. The cessation of sex leads to the experience of the bliss of the Self. This then leads to the natural rise of the vitality of the conserved semen.  My agna is such that vishaya will stop.

Questioner: What is in the agna? Is the agna, instruction to stop overt and gross sexual activity?

Dadashri: I do not say anything to the external sexual activity. Mind, intellect, chit and ego should remain in brahmacharya. And if mind, intellect, chit and ego turn towards brahmacharya, then the extenranl sexuality will shed off automatically. Turn your mind, intellect, chit and ego. My agna is such that these four do turn, for sure, towards brahmacharya.

Questioner: How does a Gnani acquire the energy of these words?

Dadashri: One attains this energy of words only when one is absolutely free from all impulses of sexuality in mind, speech and body (nirvishayi). Such energy that unfolds all aspects of sexuality in true light is not to be found in this world. Only the one who is absolutely free from all impulses of sexuality has the energy of words that purges sexuality totally.

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