Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celibacy Benefits

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By: Jeni Carr
Break Studios Contributing Writer
Learn more about celibacy benefits or the benefits achieved through the act of Brahmacharya. The true secret to health lies in maintaining one’s vital force. One’s vital force can be obtained and kept by withstanding from sexual acts, sexual thoughts and desires. The act of Brahmacharya is the movement towards God and to obtain the life in the absolute manner. Some ways to obtain celibacy is to occupy yourself with other things, such as dancing, meditation and internet study courses.
  1. Don’t Waste Your Semen. Those who have not obtained celibacy have become victims of life’s daily miseries. They become victims of anger, stress, jealousy, depression and abuse. When the semen is saved for the use it was meant for, producing children, the life’s force is increased and health restored.
  2. Life Force Brings Back Vitality. When the man restrains from sexual desire, the life force is brought back with vitality, vigor and strength. The brain is increased in power and the mentality of man itself is reinforced with vitality. Simply refraining from sexual thoughts and deeds will show you how life was truly meant to be lived.
  3. Quality of the Children Produced is Increased. By saving the semen for producing children, the quality and strength of the child is increased. The children that are produced at beautiful, intelligent, strong and self-sacrificing. The main purpose of sex is not for lust, but for the producing of children who can carry the line forward.
  4. Religious Reasons. Almost every religion preaches abstaining from sexual acts. From Islam to Buddhism, celibacy is taught. One of the most religious prophets who practiced celibacy was Jesus. The act of celibacy from Jesus was not practiced to produce stronger children, but to follow the command of God. Premarital sex is prohibited in most religions.
  5. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Besides looking at the acts of Brahmacharya (Ayurveda - ancient Indian medicine) man must look towards the avoidance of sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the best celibacy benefits lie in the avoidance of diseases such as HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes and syphilis. 
  6. 100% Guarantee of No Unwanted Pregnancies. Even though some men may wear condoms, they are not 100% safe. In some reports, it has been stated that condoms fail as much as 15% of the time.
  7. Learn to Love not Lust. Without sex involved in a dating relationship, the person you choose for a partner will be based on pure love, not lust. Too many marriages are made quickly due to the lust factor. Learn that one of the main celibacy benefits is to find a true soul mate that will last till death.
  8. Relationship Heartbreaks. When celibacy is practiced, there is no sexual heartbreak involved when the relationship does not work. Another celibacy benefit is that of not being attached to your partner so quickly and without reason. Finding a true soul mate should be based on mutual desires and goals in this life.
  9. Loved for Who You are and not How “Big” You are. One failed sexual encounter may cause you to lose the woman of your dreams. The practice of celibacy allows both people to get to know each other before marriage and thus allows the person to be loved for his true and real self.
  10. Finding the Real You. Through meditation, journaling and searching, you can find out who you really are and what the things in life that pleases you are the most.  Marriage, relationships and dating sometimes causes the man to try to please the other person.  It is a time to reflect on who you are. Celibacy benefits are many and in the end, the main reason for celibacy is to have more time to reflect on your life force and what truly will make you happy.

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