Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The more sexuality is suppressed the higher the tension among all humans and the greater your sexual agitation

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the other point of view, to be seen at the same time as the first one, is: sexual irritation and agitation within yourself is often caused by your surroundings. the more your surrounding is suppressing their own sexuality as it is certainly the case in many parts of USA, the more these people get occupied in their mind and emotions with sexuality. this is causing a strong astral projection toward the outside world affecting all others that are potentially open to love and sexuality, or that need it as a healing medicine to get out of their present blockages. if you consciously decided to abstain from sexuality, there is but one solution in such a situation with active sexual projection around you. you need to free yourself from such an environment or live trough it until you have got all you ever needed and wanted and are free to move onwards on your spiritual path.

a wise combination of the two methods above will make your life much easier and your learning more enjoyable. have you ever made love to an angel ? consider all other beings angel-like children of God wanting to learn to handle their potential of divine love-energy. some may first try with their physical body, and then move on to a even more enjoyable way of love beyond. one and the same experience always can cause at least two extremely different reactions.it always depends on your point of view of the lesson and how you are handling it. consider every lesson as a lesson that God presents you, either as a result for omitted learning in your past or as a result of your suppressed or open desires from your past.. since God is love - any lesson he presents you is a lesson of love, the easiest possible lesson that you allowed God to give you. other lessons and opportunities to learn and spiritually grow, that you may have received before, may have been easier but you may have rejected those simple lessons, hence they need to take different forms until you accept a lesson and go trough.
freeing yourself from such an astral projection of sexual energy resulting from your environment can easily be achieved by intense and loving concentration on God - i.e. concentrate on your third eye and remain with all your awareness there while you imagine that you now open your body, mind and soul trough your Sahasraram chakra - on top of your head - for all the divine love, bliss and relief from God. do this in an attitude of love and silent prayer to allow God to relief you from any sexual vibration and desire. i.e. you can give your own sexuality on the altar of your divine love to God and you may feel instant relief and peace within. another easy method is to move - if necessary permanently - to a more natural environment and spend more time in nature. returning to India would certainly be one solution, as India has little if any sexual vibration among the entire population.

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