Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brahmacharya -Ebook

This text book in A4 format
3. The intensity of the desires
4. Sex is an imagination
5. The fatal disadvantage of sexual pleasure
6. The value of the seed
Section II - The Glory of Brahmacharya
7. The importance of Brahmacharya
8. The Glory of Brahmacharya
9. The importance of celibacy in the spiritual life
10. Brahmacharya for fathers
11. Women and Brahmacharya
12. Brahmacharya and the educational work
13. Some ideal Brahmachrins
Section III: The art of sexual sublimation
14 repression and sublimation
15. Marry or not marry?
16th Dealing with the opposite sex
17. Stop the lustful look
18. Nutrition and sexuality
19. Wet dreams, and loss of semen
20. Requirements for successful Brahmacharya
21. Hatha Yoga is the solution
22. Some illustrative stories
Section IV A Symposium
23. Comments by Swami Chidananda
24. The paramount importance of Brahmacharya (Swami Chidananda)
25. Brahmacharya - an expression of consciousness (Swami Krishnananda)
26. Birth control (Swami Sivananda)
27. If sexual energy into Ojas Shakti converted?
28. Supplements

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