Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beauty is a trick of nature


Maya, the illusion and deception, leads the mind constantly in the wrong direction. The woman is not beautiful, but in fantasy it is beautiful. Sugar is not sweet, but in the imagination he is sweet. Food is not tasty, but in fantasy it is tasty. The man is not weak, but in the imagination he is weak. Understand the nature of Maya, of illusion and mind and learn from it. Reins of your imagination through a distinctive character and right thinking and peace in Brahman, where there is neither imagination nor thought. Beauty and ugliness are false imaginations of the mind. The mind itself is an illusory product. Conceptions of the mind must therefore be wrong. They are like mirages in the desert. What is good for you is ugly for others. Beauty and ugliness are relative terms. Beauty is only a mental concept, a mental projection. It is like a civilized man, who have a lot of the symmetry of form, the good qualities of the Ganges and the graceful elegance and graceful forms, speaks.
An African has determined completely different ideas of beauty, as an American, a European or an Asian. True beauty is only in the self, in God. Beauty is in the mind and not in the objects. Mangoes are not sweet, the idea of mango is sweet. They are all just thoughts. They are all only mental illusions, spiritual beliefs, spiritual creations, intellectual creations. Destroy the thoughts and the beauty disappears. The husband stretches his idea of beauty from its less attractive woman, and finds them thanks to his passion suddenly very attractive. Shakespeare has rightly expressed this in his "mid-summer night-dreams": "Cupid is painted blind. He finds the beauty Helens in the eyebrow of Egypt. " The desires and the mind deceiving you every moment. They are your real enemies. Beauty is a product of intellectual creation. Beauty is a product of the imagination. An ugly woman looks in the eyes of her husband from perhaps very beautiful. Where is the beauty, my dear friends, remained in the wrinkled skin of an old woman? Where is the beauty when your wife is sick and bedridden? Where is the beauty when your wife is angry or scared?
Beauty in the face is a mere observation. The unspoiled beauty, the fountain of beauty can only be found in the Atman. You have forgotten the origin of beauty and you cling to the pieces of a broken glass. What kind of a misstep led up to look at life through your impure thoughts, your mind impure, unclean spirit, your lifestyle and your unclean? Do you recognize this error now? Are you ready to open your eyes at least now? A beautiful woman is very charming. She is very sweet when she is young, when she smiles when she wears a beautiful dress, when she sings and plays the piano or the violin or when she dances. But it is considered terrible if she loses her temper when she argues with her husband and hysterical, is because they do not get silk clothes and gold chains as they suffer from a disease or if she is old.
For several years, giving the nature of the woman's beauty, charm and elegance, so that they can take the hearts of the men imprisoned. Beauty is only skin deep. It will soon fade, the hair is gray and the skin will soon be covered with wrinkles. The tailor, the weaver, the embroiderer, the barber, the beautician and the goldsmith give us external attractiveness. In his excitement, infatuation and delusion, the man sometimes overlook this point. This is Maya, the illusion. Never trust this Maya. Careful, man, wake up. Discover the beauty of the beauty that is in you, which is your innermost self. Have you ever thought about the fundamental nature of which are women, awaken the lust in you? A bundle of bones, flesh, blood, urine, feces, and sweat, mucus and other debris! Will you agree to let a bunch of master of your thoughts such? Will you give away your birthright of eternal peace and happiness for such a fleeting illusion? Shame on you if you do not recognize this folly. If your will, your reason and your lack of discernment, you are preparing such an inglorious end? Did you not understand that physical beauty is only superficial and bound at the mercy of health and youth?

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