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impressions in the subconscious

A woman's legs [1831445]

Sexual behavior leaves, like any other action, in a sense Unterbewusstsein.Dieser impression suggests a thought and that thought again, again causing an impression in the subconscious. Benefit reinforces the impression in the subconscious. Through memory and imagination is a revival existence of sexual desire. Memories of the image of a woman upset the mind. If a tiger has tasted human blood once, he keeps trying to kill people. He becomes a man-eater. Just as it is when a man once had a sexual pleasure with a woman.Then he runs again after the women. From the impressions in the subconscious mind and the wishes of the flow of thoughts and fantasies. This produces attachments. Together with the imagination, the feeling and the sensuous drive them become apparent. Emotional and sensual power always go hand in hand. There are also erotic fantasies, desires, and a blazing fire in the mind and body. The irritation and the flaring of the flames in the brain seep gradually into the body. If you are very attentive, you can recognize the harmful fantasies at the beginning and avert the impending danger.
Even if we succeed the sensible thief to slip through the first gate, carefully watch the second goal, which he could ignite a blazing fire. Here you can put out the fire yet. You can also easily the strong sexual drive, which is sparked by the senses, stop. Drag the sexual energy through Uddiyana (left - pulling the abdomen after exhalation) and Kumbhaka (breath holding) back up to the brain. Lead the mind to. Repeat concentrates Manta OM or any other mantra. Pray, meditate. If you are still difficult, then contact search for ways and not just staying.When the pulse appears surprisingly strong and penetrates to the sex organs, often we forget all the good intentions. You become a victim of desire. Later you'll regret it. Whatever you do, whatever time you think, is indelibly recorded in the layers of your subconscious.These impressions can often abnormal only by the grace of the Atman, through your soul, be healed. If the sexual desires completely fill the mind and body, the subconscious mind takes the form of great erotic waves that afflict the people over and over again.
It is relatively easy to control the conscious mind. But it is very difficult to control the subconscious. You like a sannyasi (renunciation) may be. You may be a very moral man.But secretly sneak our desires into our dreams. Suddenly you begin to dream of stealing.You commit adultery in your dreams. The sexual impulse, low ambition and desires are all deeply rooted in the subconscious. Delete the impressions in the subconscious mind through discrimination, through Brahma Bhavana (love to infinity) and meditation. A man who is firmly rooted in mental Brahmacharya will not be surprised by a single bad dream.He will never have a bad dream. In a normal human being there is always a lack of distinctiveness in the dreams. That is the reason for bad dreams, even though you are awake by the force of the distinction, truly, pure thoughts. A meditator said to me: "When I meditate, gradually dissolve the layers on the impurities of the subconscious Sometimes they are so powerful and terrifying that I am so stunned that I do not really know how to handle it I.. I Brahmacharya and the truth is not yet completely realized lurk. The old habits of lust and dishonesty even in me. prepares the pleasure I sometimes enormous problems. Thinking about women concern in my mind. My mind is so sensitive that I will not be am able to listen to him. As soon pay sensual thoughts, all my good intentions have disappeared, and the peace of the whole day is ruined. I advise my mind, blocks all sensual thoughts, troubled them, but there is no success. My sense prevail. I do not know how to stop the passion lurking. irritability, selfishness, anger, greed, hatred and arrests yet in me. The pleasure but my main enemy and she is very strong. I ask you, whether you be so kind are and explain to me how I can defeat this enemy. "
If the impurities are of the subconscious with impressive power to the surface of the conscious mind, then do not try to resist them. Repeat your personal mantra. Do not think of your mistakes and your bad qualities. Just watch, be an attentive audience. Do not try to fight it, your bad qualities. After the show you are a long nose. Develop positive virtues.Do you not often worried: "I have so many faults and weaknesses." Cultivate pure virtues.Through meditation and the development of positive qualities and the Pratipaksha Bhavana method (the method of meditation on the opposite) are all negative qualities gradually dissolve into pleasure. This is the right way. You can grow old, your hair may be gray, but your mind remains forever young. The absorption may decrease, but the desire remains, even if you are already in old age. The desires are the real seeds of birth. This desire creates thoughts, desires, dreams and ideas. The desire to keep running the wheel of death and rebirth on. Nip it in the bud. Only then will you be able to live in peace. Only then will you find enlightenment.
Brahma-Bhavana (love of the infinite), Brahma Chintana (meditation on God), meditation on OM and devotion gradually pull out the causes of desires that are deeply rooted. You have to dig it right, from different angles, and they burn so that they can not grow back again. Only then your efforts will one day bear the fruit of liberation. One student wrote to me. "The impure flesh and skin seem to me very clean and well I'm very greedy I try to see the love of a goddess in all women, I kneel down in front of an imaginary woman, which I think.. that she is the goddess Kali. But my mind is extremely greedy. What should I do? I always wish to have a look at a pretty woman. " Obviously, dispassion, desirelessness and distinctive causes in his mind is not the slightest. The old vicious impressions in the subconscious and subtle desires are still very strong. Even a pure Brahmacharin to start problems with curiosity. He is curious and still want to know is what kind of luck of sexual pleasure. Sometimes he thinks, "Let me relive the sensual feeling with a woman then I will be able to store these sexual impulse for ever.." The mind, however, wants the Brahmachari only deceiving. The illusion is directed by curiosity only new injury. The curiosity has turned into a strong desire. The lust can not satisfy this desire, however.Rather, it only causes new requests. The sage clears the wave of curiosity by the distinctive character and thinking about the pure and sexless Atman (soul). It eradicates the sexual desire through meditation, reflection on the blessings of Brahmacharya and the bliss of a pure life, from.

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