Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Key to Health -Opium -Mohandas K. Gandhi

The criticism leveled against alcohol applies equally to opium, although the two are very different in their action. Under the effect of alcohol a person becomes a rowdy, whereas opium the addict dull and lazy. He becomes even drowsy and incapable of doing anything useful. The evil effect of alcohol strikes the eyes everyday, but those of opium are not so glaring. Any one wishing to see its devastating effect should go to Assam or Orissa. Thousands have fallen victim of this intoxicant, in those provinces. They give one the impression on living on the verge of death.
But China is said to have suffered the most from the evils of opium. The Chinese possess a better physique than the Indians. But Chinese addicted to opium look miserable and more dead than alive. An opium addict will stoop to anything in order to procure his dose of opium.
Several years ago, what is known as Opium War took place between China and Great Britain. China did not wish to buy opium from India. But the English wanted to impose it on China. India was also to blame in that several Indians had taken opium contacts in India. The trade paid well and the treasury received crore of rupees as opium revenue. This was obviously an immoral trade and yet it went on flourishing. Finally, as a result of a mighty agitation in England, it was stopped. A thing of this type, which simply ruin people, should not be tolerated for a single minute.
After having had my say on opium as an intoxicant, I must admit that its place in Material Medic is incontestable. It is impossible to do without this drug a medical agents. But that can be no reason for using it as a intoxicant. Opium is a well-known poison and its use as an intoxicant should be strictly prohibited.

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