Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The reason why celibacy - Bramacharya - has been taught in th repast is simply the fact that on earth true love almost never is possible between 2 Ego

living your own sexuality for some time, but consciously and with God in mind, may teach you a lot of important lessons, up to the point that you may realize one day, that true love in a physical body is impossible at the time being, because the vast majority of present mankind on this planet has too powerful an ego to truly love. true love requires a true and realized spiritual development of all the divine potential that God gave all of us. the more a spiritual God-seeker is realizing this, the easier he may withdraw from any sexual desire, while at the same time developing more and more spiritual love and opening himself more for the spiritual love coming from God and all other divine souls beyond the physical plane. having experienced this truth will make it very easy to refrain from sexuality completely or almost completely and fully concentrate on your spiritual progress on your way back to divinity. sexual desire is but a reflection of your souls need and hunger for love, the more spiritual love you get by opening more and more, the less "hungry" you may become for physical forms of love - sexuality.

There is no sin - only experiences - detrimental however is the feeling of committing sin

there is no such thing like sin, guilt or failure. so stop immediately to feel such. there are but important experiences to make and important lessons to learn. how can you have ONE single times REAL SEX - that means loving a single person with all of your body, mind, emotions and soul, if you feel guilt and failure. how would such a beloved person feel afterwards ?? could you ever truly love and heal someone with this inner attitude ??
before you can replace physical sexuality by divine love beyond your physical existence, beyond the cycle of reincarnation, you may need to love at least one single person once completely and give everything you have in love. some people have done this in any previous incarnation, some are learning this lesson right HERE and NOW.

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