Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -Strictness Towards ‘File’

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Questioner: How can we escape the net of attraction of sex thrown at us by someone?

Dadashri: You should not initiate eye contact with that person. If you know that she will cast the net then you should not initiate any eye contact with her.

Wherever you think that there is a trap, you should not meet with that person.

When talking with anyone do not make eye contact with that person, always look down and talk. The problem is created with the way you look at the person. There is poison in this sexual vision and it is a poison that is intoxicating. Therefore if an eye connection has commenced and that individual attracts you, you should immediately do pratikraman. You must remain vigilant here. Those who do not want to ruin their current life, beware.

When the file to which you are attracted approaches, your mind becomes restless.

At that time the mind becomes restless and the person feel miserable. This person’s mind became restless. That is why I had the stern look in my eyes.

When the file approaches, everything becomes restless within. It goes up and down as soon as you think about her or him. It is nothing but garbage inside. The only thing that is valuable inside is the Soul.

It is very dangerous if you remember a file in her absence. If the file is not present and you do not remember her, but then as soon as that file comes and it affects you, then it is called a secondary danger. You should not let this affect you. It is important to be independent. At that time you lose your reins and then you would not have any control, would you?

It is very dangerous if you already have a file. You must remain stern towards that file.  If that file comes in front of you, you should show anger in your eyes, then that file will be fearful of you.

Questioner: If we have a file and we do not have any feeling of scorn towards her, then should we deliberately create scorn towards her?

Dadashri: Yes, why can’t you create scorn and hatred? Would you not hate the person who causes so much harm to you in your life long goal of brahmacharya? Therefore, there is still conceit within you. Your intentions are still unclear.

Questioner: If too much familiarity has occurred with her then, how can it be undone? Should I be intentionally hateful towards her and despise her?

Dadashri: Lots of pratikramans need to be done by saying, ‘ not mine, not mine, not mine’ Then, when you meet her in person, you can let her have it, ‘Why are you fluttering around me like a useless animal?’ Then she will not show her face again.

Questioner: What should we do if we realize that the other person is not a file for us but we are a file for her?

Dadashri: Then you should get rid of it even sooner. You should stay firm. Then she will stop making plans. If this doesn’t work then you can even talk something crazy. You can say that, ‘If you come before me then I will slap you. You will not find anyone crazier than me’. This way the file would not come again. She can only be removed like this.

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