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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Interview With Guruji 4

Interviewer: For many people, I think, it is not as exotic as
Enlightenment, if it is only emptiness?
Gurji Sri Vast: People expect Enlightenment to be
something extraordinary: suddenly you become a kind of
angel, suddenly you become special. For me, my
experience and realization is not to become something
special. The need to become special is not there. The
person becomes totally normal. Since we are all abnormal,
we are trying to become some kind of supernormal, we
wish to reach some kind of super state.
The super state is nothing but becoming normal. The
person is grounded. When you are grounded you can
experience everything: you can feel, see, touch, hear and
sense everything, without any references. It is very
important not to connect liberation with any exoticness.
If I say I was living with a Yogi or with Sadhus in a cave
for ten years, it becomes something exotic. Because I did
something which you could not do. It is all about becoming
something special. Doing something different from what
others are doing. As long as this comparison is there - that I
am different from this person, I am more special than this
person - you become the prisoner of your own
comparisons. Because the whole world is there in front of
you to compare.
Wherever you go, there will be people to whom you
have to prove that you are higher or lower than them. You
are in this trap of comparing. Freedom is to liberate from all
the comparisons. How is it possible, practically?
Free yourself from the person within you, who is
comparing yourself with others. The exotic approach
towards liberation makes you become more exotic. You
wish to become a greater idea than other people’s ideas.
That is why people like to tell their stories: I was here… I
was there… I did this… I did that…
In that case, does that mean that people who have never
done anything exotic or been to India can not experience
what the Divine is? That would mean God is putting some
kind of condition on you, “Only if you do all these exotic
things, you can experience Me.” Does that mean the
remote villagers in Africa, who never have been to India,
cannot be liberated? That seems kind of strange.
If God makes a condition, “Only if you do this and this,
you can experience Me,” then we must free ourselves from
that God, from that concept of God which puts that kind of
conditions on us. It is all about understanding what true
liberation is. Exactly what kind of liberation are you looking
for? It is important to understand: What is this Spirituality?
And what exactly are we working towards when we say
For example, you come to
India. You are sitting on the
floor, eating the food with
your hand, eating on banana
leaves, telling mantras, doing
asanas and doing all those
things. You see that as your
spiritual practice. Then you go
back home with an exotic
experience. When you go back, you have to adapt these
practices to your normal life there. When you stop these
practices, you will claim that you are not living spiritually
anymore. This is because you adapted to something exotic,
you didn’t connect Spirituality with your Self.
Any practice which is helping you towards total
liberation is a spiritual practice. But one must know what
this total liberation means. Unless you are very clear what
liberation you are looking for, you might not be able to find
your spiritual practice.
This is because liberation means different things to different
people. One person might find liberation from his partner,
for example. You cannot do that by doing Asanas. You have
to develop a dialogue with your partner. That is the spiritual
practice for that particular liberation. Another person may
find it difficult to free themselves from back pain. Simply
sitting and chanting may not help. Isn’t it? One must know
exactly what they want, in what way they are relating with
liberation and what that means. To attain that particular
liberation you need a particular method. It can be anything.

Interview With Guruji 3

Seeker: Do you recommend any practice?
Guruji Sri Vast: Normally I do not give any practices, but
one of the good practices I give is not to practice anything
because in the Nature I don’t see anything practicing anything.
The trees are just busy in being trees; the flies are just
being busy in flying. Everything is just being the way it is.
All the time we are busy in practicing. You dress like a man
and you are trying to practice like a man, ‘I am a man’.
You dress like a woman, trying to practice like a woman.
Whatever you believe, you practice that belief. Someone at

school has rasta-hair and a guitar and sings
Reggae songs. He is practicing as a Rastafarian.
And someone puts on a suit, a tie and
polished shoes and he is trying to practice as
a gentleman. Everyone is busy in practicing
something. Knowingly or unknowingly you
are practicing. But your true nature is not
practicing anything, it is just being. Because
when you practice anything, ‘right’ and
‘wrong’ comes. One who is not doing the
same practice becomes the opposite of you.
And every practice you have brings certain
experiences. Sometimes you like that experience,
sometimes you may not like that experience.
Those experiences do not belong to
you; they belong to your practice.
Seeker: What is Liberation?
Guruji Sri Vast: Many times we use this language,
‘liberation.’ But the question is, how
much are we really interested in liberation?
If you are looking for this ultimate liberation,
you may not continue to do what you are
doing now, you will not continue that. Try
to understand: You are looking for some kind of comfort in
your struggle and you may call that freedom. You may be
looking for nothing else but a comfortable continuation of
your past. You have a struggle with your partner, in the
future you don’t want to struggle with your partner. What
else? Do you have something new? No, you don’t ask
anything new. You want the same thing, but comfortably.
You are trying to get freedom from your struggle. If you are
lonely, you like to have a partner. If you have economic
problems, you like to have a good economy. What do you
do in all your seeking? Is there anyone who is really doing
anything for liberation? If you want to liberate yourself, what
are you doing? Tell me. In one day, from morning till
evening, what exactly do you do for your liberation?

Seeker: Being aware.
Guruji Sri Vast: About what?
Seeker: About life.
Guruji Sri Vast: When you say ‘life’, what exactly do you
mean by that life? What exactly did you do today for your
liberation? Can you mark anything
and say, “This is what I
did for my liberation?”... Except
for coming here… (Laughter).
Most of the time, we think we
want liberation but we don’t
necessarily look inside of us.
We want to free ourselves from
the friction in our life. Liberation
is beyond the friction.
Only when the frictions are
settled the quest for liberation come. “I feel lonely”. Do you
hear any people say, “I am not able to relate with the tree
standing by the street?” How many of you have heard that?
No. You have frictions with a few things: Your economy,
your relationships, your sexuality, your comfort, your past.
You are trying to get free from that friction. Once you are
free from that friction, when nothing is there to fight against
or fight for; you are entering into a new stage. There your
quest is not about how you are going to manage your livelihood,
how you are going to manage your relationship.
When children build Star Wars with Lego, they believe it is
true, but as an adult you know this is not true. When a small
piece of that Lego is not there, the child cannot complete
the game. Then the child cries for it. Because he sees the
picture on the box and what the complete picture looks like,
he is missing something. But when you give the same Lego
without that picture to some children in an Indian village,
they may not miss something, because they don’t have that
idea about how this toy is supposed to look.
It is the same with your life. Somehow your toys are a little
bigger, that’s all. You also play the same Lego game; you
call it your life, your partner, job, house, car, cat or dog.
You put it together like different Lego pieces and make it to

a complete picture. When one piece is not there, you feel
something is missing. “I feel lonely.” Why? “I am living
alone.” What is wrong with that? Why do you feel that you
are living alone? So many millions of people live in this
world. Everywhere there are people; everywhere there are
so many beings, so many trees, why are you feeling lonely?
- Because one piece is missing in your Lego game. Without
that you don’t see the complete game. You may live alone,
but at your dining table you may have six chairs. When
one chair is broken, you may say, “I have to buy another
chair.” For whom? You live alone. Once in a while one
person comes to visit you but, according to your picture,
six chairs must be there.
Try to understand: What you call ‘life’ is just the deep imprint
of this Lego game. But I invite you to go beyond that
game because Life is more than that. When you are not
playing Lego, you tell the child, “Why are you so serious
about this? Why are you crying? There is no use for you to
fight, it is just a toy. Be calm.” In a way you are playing the
role of the Guru, because you are not playing that game
now. You are matured and ripened. In the same way, what
you call ‘life’, most of the time, is not necessarily the Life; it
is an idea about how your time between birth and death is
supposed to be spent, or how it is normally spent. What you
call as ‘life’ is created by the monocultured mind, and you
are trying to fit yourself into that. Some people fit nicely into
it. Some people can’t fit into it. When they fit, they look like
successful players. When they put the Lego pieces nicely we
say, “It is so great.” But for me it is not great. It is a copy of
something. It is trying to be correct according to the picture
printed on the box. Some children cannot copy it and we
say they failed. But when a child makes something totally
new out of it, with the same Lego pieces you may say, “No,
you should not make a dog out of it! See on the box, you
are supposed to make a car out of it.” When the child starts
to enjoy making a dog out of the same Lego, it has grown to
make something new out of the same components. You can
say that this child is liberated from this game.
You all have the possibility to experience the Life in a totally
unique way because you are not all the same. Six billion
people, six billion ways of exploring this Life. Life is not
one idea, not necessarily. I like to have minimum six billion
ideas about it. At least you are not part of the mass production.
You are totally unique. There
is one sun, one moon, one mother
earth and one you. You can’t be
replaced, substituted by someone
else or something else. We have
a great opportunity to experience
this life in a unique way. Every
spice in the soup has a function,
has a taste. Without that spice the
soup is not the same anymore. In
the same way you are all unique
spices. All these spices are there
and Life is happening. Most of the time you like to be the
same monoculture, thinking you are like anyone else. Be
authentic. There is no need to be correct according to anything,
so you cannot be wrong according to anything else
either. By the time you are trying to be correct according
to something, you become wrong according to something
else. Constantly you are busy feeling that you are right and
make others feel wrong, or feeling that you are wrong and
make others right. Constantly you feel wrong and hope that
one day you will become right, or one day this world will
become right. Everything is already perfectly right, whether
you want it or not.
I don’t want to give something to you, but remove what you
have within you. What you need is an empty space so that
you can arise within yourself. What you need is a little inner
silence so that you can hear some new music.

Interview With Guruji 2

Seeker: Sometimes I don’t feel connected to this life. Do
I have a better purpose in this life? What to do with my
Guruji Sri Vast: Take, for example, a coconut tree who wants
to give mangos instead of coconuts because the coconut
tree sees that mangos are popular. “My longtime wish is to
give mangos instead of coconuts.” Now it can neither produce
mangos nor coconuts. If you ask that coconut tree it
will say, “Well, you know, my higher purpose is to produce
mangos.” The entire life it will wait for that ‘one day’ when
it can give mangos. But this day never comes. What are you
doing? “I am meditating.” For what? “So that one day I will
produce mangos.” This is the case for many people waiting
for that ‘one day’.
We are all domesticated
beings. Our ego resists to
accept it. Today I saw a
beautiful monkey that was
dressed. It is domesticated.
It is chained, dressed nicely.
It is not a monkey anymore,
it lost its monkey-hood, its
monkey-ness. When the
trainer, the fellow who holds
the monkey says ‘dance’, this
monkey starts to dance. Then
this monkey is not a monkey
anymore and it also hopes
that one day it will be enlightened. This monkey also hopes
that one day it can be free, that one day it will not need to
dance according to anything, and that no one will be there
to control it. Every monkey that is trained and domesticated

is waiting for enlightenment. ‘One day’ it wants to be free; it
wants to experience the monkey-ness again.
Just like the monkey we are all highly domesticated. Every
detail of you is domesticated. It is very natural for you to feel
that you are not right, that something is wrong and that you
want to get out of that. You want to become free. You want
to realize, you want to be enlightened. You want to experience
this Divine. Become aware of it.
Whatever philosophy you follow, whatever logic you have,
whatever sadhanas you practice, it must liberate you; it must
expand you beyond yourself. What does that mean? It is not
‘what you think’ or ‘what you feel’. It must help you to experience
the existence, to experience yourself in everything.
If you go to the temple don’t stand and think, just surrender
there. Don’t say, “It’s a dogma.” No, just enjoy that. If you
go to the church, don’t say that you are not a Christian. No,
become a Christ. If you go to a disco, don’t say anything,
get dancing! Loose yourself. Experience beyond yourself,
because what you call ‘yourself’ is nothing but the imprint
created in you by your life experiences. The books you read,
the masters you met, the schools you went to, the parents
you had, the friends you had, your neighbors, your religion;
everyone gave you some information about who you are.
Sometimes you are comfortable, sometimes you are not
comfortable. So for me your emotions are not valid, because
they are not permanent. You yourself are not permanent and
your feelings are not permanent. Your pain is not permanent;
your stories are not permanent.
When Andreas was ten years old he was fighting for a
bicycle. When he did not get that bicycle, he had certain
emotions, certain experiences, certain feelings. At the age
of 20 he wanted to have a girlfriend. When he did not get
that girl, he had certain emotions, a certain experience and
certain feelings. Now he wants something else. I don’t see
the difference. It keeps on changing. But now, what do you
think about the bicycle for which you were crying when you
were ten years old? You ‘don’t know’. See, in the same way
what you are now fighting against and what you are crying
for in 10 years you will say, “I don’t know.”
Any solution for the illusion is also illusion. Everyone tries to
find solutions for the maya (Sanskrit: illusion). Somehow you
are entertaining all your ‘my feelings and my emotions.’ In
our Ashram we have a mantra: “So what! ‘I feel like this.’ So
what!” You have every right to feel like that. I am not asking
you to deny whatever you feel, but I am telling you not to
make something out of that.
You say that you feel something but actually you have no
idea what you are feeling. If a person asks you, “How do you
feel?” Then you think about how you feel. “How do I feel?”
Then you explain what you are feeling. You are thinking what
you are feeling. Based on the thinking you are explaining.
Once you explain, you start to feel your explanation.
You never say, “I feel mambo-dambo”, because you have
not created the meaning of this mambo-dambo. So let us
say mambo-dambo means you feel lonely after Saturday
evening. Now a person asks, “How are you?” If you say,
“Mambo-dambo,” you start to feel that, because now you
have created this mambo-dambo. You feel what you have
created. Try to understand; actually
you have no idea who is feeling
that. With your past knowledge,
with what you have red, collect,
heard, seen; through that
past knowledge you are trying
to define your experiences. Has
anyone seen an angel in a black
dress, driving a motorcycle and
drinking chai? No. All of you have
seen angels in a white dress and
flying. Most of them are female,
isn’t it? How do you know the angel
was in a white dress? Because
you read it. All your religions taught that the angels wear
white dresses, they are mostly female and they fly. If your
religion taught that angels are crawling on the floor, then in
your meditation you will see angels crawling on the floor.

Interview With Guruji 1

Interviewer: Guruji, please tell us a little bit about yourself, 
what happened to you? How did you become enlightened? 
It is very exotic in the West. 
Maybe you can say a little bit about your background?
Guruji Sri Vast: What background? There isn’t any
background, there is nothing to claim. What is there to tell?
When a person asks about my background, I don’t know
what to say. Should I say I did this, this, and this thing? The
person who did that is not here. So I can’t claim that it is
my background, either. The one who is here right now, has
no background.
The question about the background naturally evokes the
question about Enlightenment. Because Enlightenment is
possible only when all this background is dropped. Nothing
continues. That discontinuation of the past is the
Being now and claiming this is my background, is in a
way contradictory to the experience of what I have. Of
course, for the ignorant human mind we can tell so many
things about what that person has done. But it is important
to understand that when a person claims his past, he is
somehow also becoming his past. Whether it is good or
bad, is not the question. It is all about the past. The more
and more we relate with what we did in the past the more
it becomes a strong memory in our system.
I am just doing, I don’t have any personal claim as if ‘I’ was
doing. I don’t have anything to carry. It is all about
becoming empty. Becoming empty means: nothing is there
inside to claim. All the claims are emptied. You are not
clinging on to the past.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Spiritual Master: "The conduct occurs when the instructions in our heads, go away"

He studied architecture because I wanted to find out how the shapes and materials change the structure of the mind. Master as a child,  Sri Vast has an Ashram in Pondicherry and one in Halmstad (Sweden) and offers free lectures around the world ( no creed or adhere to any philosophy, quite the contrary : we want to warn how tame and we recover individuality.
Read the interview with The Cons:
I have 40 years physical. I was born in southern India and living between Sweden and Pondicherry. Married with two children 10 and 8. I am a graduate in Architecture, but since childhood I am a spiritual teacher. I do not profess any religion, we are free beings and spiritual.
At 8 years I was raised to be a spiritual guide.
I fainted, I could spend a day unconscious. The doctors had no answers, but my perception changed. India is what people call a samadi.La experience began to explain their problems and ask advice. And my family left me free, I'm not domesticated.
What does that mean?
From childhood we are away from the natural intelligence, so that as adults end up having a lot of information but little experience. And I think that's the worst that can happen to mankind.
Tell me.
The intellect accumulates information, I read three books and write the room, no experience needed. And intelligence is natural that lets you feel what you're experiencing, not based on the past. For example: we have two identical chairs are equal, in a marked "made in Germany" and in another, "made in China." How do you choose?
Now I understand: the German.
... Because we have introduced in our brain information that is better. Would not it be better to sit down, taste it, guided by our own experience? Our relationships are based on this information we are introduced in the past and not what we live today.
You are not a religious man.
Religion never has given man the opportunity to be himself.
What is the alternative?
Regard humans as individuals and not as a mass pay taxes, buy, eat and work for society to function. We teach children to see the world through the eyes of an adult, correct their own vision of things, being robbed of their mindset and inculcate them the world of adults.
... And so we perpetuate a human prototype.
On the one hand we have created poverty, war, global warming, new diseases ... and other technologies to combat it.
And what do you propose?
The naturalization of the human being, instead of training. Living life in essence, because we live through our differences, always comparing to the end, we all want the same thing: graduating, finding a good job, get married, have a nice house, kids and a dog ... But life is much more than that! So we live trapped in solving problems, not pass the stage of survival.
... With more amenities.
We can not treat humanity as a problem that needs to be resolved, we must change the perspective. It's like going on a highway at high speed without being sure if you're on the right track.
Better stop and look at the map.
Yes, because they do not need anyone to tell you what is right and what is wrong. If you're brave and authentic, you will be able to see your life and choose your path. Here begins the transformation. But we need a little space away from the road and look at the map of our lives.
But knowledge helps to know what you want, is not it?
No. piled knowledge in our heads but we do not know who we really are. The industry we design, we medica, dress, entertain, employs, it withdraws.
We must move away from this world we are so used, and two good tools for this are meditation and contact with nature because we live in nature, but in a plastic bag. Do not even know what phase is the moon.
Only on holidays.
Is not it essential that we be aware of ecosystem we are part?
Most of humanity is rooted in nature and not do better.
Poor countries have bought the concept of life of the rich, cold countries.
The result is that unhappiness is globalized.
Earlier in my town, people sang, singing now see another on television.Everyone wants to have a television and a refrigerator.
Is all of humanity is stupid?
We are beings created based on needs that we do not report any substantial benefit. It is time to question.
What have you discovered in yourself?
I do not belong to any country, religion, tradition or structure. I am a simple man who wants to live this day, this is done, to perceive the beauty of this world.
Defíname done .
If some children give them a box of legos with instructions on how to make the car, all trying to play, and the best will be the one closest to the model. If we do not give instructions, each one will do something different and original.
We all live with references.
Yes, we produce that feeling of being wrong, that locks us into a small world.The performance occurs when these references, when the instructions in our heads, they disappear.
What human quality do you admire?
We are unique, no one was ever born or born like you in the future, and that's what inspires me: see unique beings.