Tuesday, February 22, 2011

passions in childhood, adolescence and the age


The passions are as a seed in the boys and girls already been created. But he not concerned about them. That is mentioned as the tree is already in the seed, the passion is already rooted in the children. In contrast, old men and women, the passion is suppressed.It may do no harm. Only the young men and women prepare the passion problems. They become the slaves of passion. Often they are completely helpless in this passion. There is not much difference in sexuality between a man and a woman, a boy and a girl, if they are very young. But they come into puberty, then there is a significant change. Feelings, gestures, body, gait, talks, looks, movements, voice and manner, everything changes. The whole mango tree with all its branches, leaves and fruit, is included in a subtle form in the seed. It takes time until the tree blossoms in full bloom. Similarly, the desire of lust lurks in a young man of eighteen, who pursues until his forty-fifth birthday his passions, and then connect to gradually shorter. Various forms of wrong and irresponsible behavior is often found in people in this age group. This is the most critical period in human life.
Note translator:
How early in young men entering the obvious sexual fixation, shows the following statement: "Some studies have shown that only about 13 percent of all investigated puberty first ejaculation nocturnal emissions as occurred." (See: prepubescent ) In other words, before the actual sexual maturity, so to speak even in childhood, 87 percent of sexually active boys. One could also say that the sex addiction begins in childhood and then holds a mostly life long. Most people believe, however, this fixation on sexuality is natural. They have it by their own behavior caused the first place. The Enlightened One has no erotic desire. Pollution

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