Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ebook -The making of a Sarvodaya Sannyasin

Hi friends,
This page will contain various eBooks created using the posts written in this blog. The goal of each eBook will be to as comprehensive and practical as possible. We will be chasing perfection while writing these eBooks – perfection not only in the power and practicality of ideas, insights and techniques given in the eBooks but also in the effectiveness of their presentation so that the readers are able to fully understand and feel highly motivated to apply various ideas, insights and techniques given in these eBooks.
As they say, the road to success is always under construction. Hence, we welcome honest feedback from the readers of the book, because we aim to keep on gathering, finetuning and improving all the ideas, insights and techniques and bring more improved editions of eBooks whenever possible. We sincerely admire the time and energy invested by the readers in reaching out to us with their constructive feedback and criticism of any idea, insight or technique in these eBooks and assure the readers that we will sincerely work on their feedback and criticism to improve the eBook further.
We also give permission to everyone to freely use the contents of these eBooks for both commercial and non-commercial purpose without any necessity to acknowledge us. So, confident and desirous are we about the immense good that the contents of these eBooks can do to everyone!
Warm regards,
Sarvodaya Mission Team
Printing/Download: To print any of these eBooks, right click the mouse on the link and then click ‘Print Target’. To download it to your local computer, by doing so: Right click the mouse on the link and click ’Save Target As…’/'Save Link As…’ – it will open a download window -> save the file.
Greatly Inspiring Brahmacharya (Celibacy) Quotes eBook:
  1. First edition – PDF version | Doc Version
Time-management eBook:
  1. First edition – PDF version | Doc Version

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