Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The flowery bow of Cupid's

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Lust is very powerful. She wears a floral arch, which is equipped with five arrows: fascination, stupefaction, intoxication, consumption and combustion. The first arrow caused a young man fascinated when he sees a beautiful woman. The second arrow brought his attention. After the third arrow, he is intoxicated with sensual desire. The fourth arrow causes intense attraction towards the sensual object. He is consumed with really after. The fifth arrow inflames and burns the heart. He pierced the heart deeply. No one on this earth has the power to resist the influence of these arrows. These arrows pierced even the heart of Lord Shiva and many Rishis (sages) of yore (and today). These arrows considered even Indra (Indian sun and god of war) Ahalya (Ahalya in Indian mythology is the wife of the sage Gautama. You once loved Indra. As her husband turned to stone.) Sexually harass. Amor even shot an arrow through the enchanting eyebrows and piercing glance of a young lady, lips with a delicate waist, buttocks and rosy red. A romantic night in the moon light, scents and fragrances, flowers and garlands, sandalwood paste, meat and alcohol, theater, and his novels are powerful weapons in order to deceive passionate young men.
Understanding and discernment goodbye instantly at the moment in which the heart fill with a burning passion. You will be completely blind. Cupid makes intellectual persons, from large speakers, ministers and research scholars from doctors and lawyers, Bambys or stuffed animals in the skirts of young women. The reason is that Love has temporarily taken place in the dry intellect of a learned Pandits (religious scholar) or a professor. You have no stamina to resist, Amor. Cupid knows his strength. He governs everywhere. He penetrates the hearts of all. He knows the buzz of her nerves. With one glance he destroys the ground, the discernment and understanding by simply inflamed the hearts of young men. Even in dreams Cupid has full control, even when all the senses softly. Women are to be infallible! You follow his beck and call. Cupid works through their smiles, their charming glances and sweet words, by their melodious songs and their seductive dances.Young women can very quickly bring about the ruin of the men and destroy the peace, even wise men. Amor, even the nervous system of Brahmacharins drift into delirium, even if they hear only the illustrations of young, pretty women think when the light tones of her bracelets and anklets, or if they only think about their pretty faces. Would they sometimes do not give anything to touch them?

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