Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sexual thoughts in ways that spiritual fathers and family

In a Jnani (Yogi of knowledge), a liberated sage, the sexual desires are completely eliminated. In a Sadhaka, a spiritual student, which remain very controlled sexual desires.For a family man, however, the sexual desires cause great damage if they are not controlled. The passions manifest themselves in the family man in an increased desire, he can not resist forever. He feels again and again because of his weak will and indecision drawn to the sensuality. In a Jnani, a wise, there are no sensible thoughts. With him there is no difference in his feelings, no matter whether he sees a pretty young girl, a child or an old lady. He sees an eternal, immortal, even in a woman and a man he has no different feeling, no matter if he touches a book, a pile of wood, a stone or a woman's body. There is no erotic thoughts in a Jnani. In this state of awareness should be a person who practices celibacy. In a spiritual students, there is occasional sexual thoughts, but they are kept under control. So they can not do any damage to him.
A passionate family man is more often a victim of his lust. A passionate man longs for a permanent company of a woman. The desire for sex is deeply rooted in him. This desire is usually very strong. He wants his wife had met all requirements. Only then is he satisfied.This is the result of his passion. Such people are usually completely inappropriate for a spiritual path. Has appeared with a man dispassion, he is no longer a victim of lust. If you fill lemon juice or Tamarindesaft into a golden bowl, not destroy it. However, they fill in a copper or brass vessels, then spoil the juice and is poisonous. Awakening in a person who meditates regularly, sensual thoughts, they will not disturb him or put into passionate excitement. If such thoughts occur but in a person with an impure mind, then there is much excitement there immediately, they should by chance encounter sensual objects. In the vast majority of people the sensual desire is very strong. You have extreme sexual desire. In some of the sexual desire comes occasionally, but it sounds again quickly. Then there is only a brief stir. With the appropriate spiritual method that excitement can also be removed.

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