Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Q&A -The Continuous Bliss Of The Self: Brahmacharya

Questioner: After receiving this Gnan, Dadashri’s Gnan, is brahmacharya  a must do thing?  

Dadashri: It is a must for those who can practice it and it is not necessary for those who cannot. If it was amust then those not practicing brahmacharya would not be able to sleep at night, in the fear of not been able to attain liberation. It is enough to just realize that abrahmacharya is wrong.

Questioner: Philosophers say that suppressing sex is against the law of nature, and makes one even more perverted in sexuality. They say that sex is necessary for good health.

Dadashri: They are right. Sex is necessary for those who are ignorant of the Self, the worldly people. Those who understand brahmacharya do not need sex. The one who does not understand brahmacharya cannot be bound by the rules of brahmacharya otherwise, major damage will be done, and he will be destroyed.

Sex is such a thing that one day’s sexuality would not let one attain any meaningful concentration on anything for three days. There would be instability in the concentration, focus and task at hand. When one abstains from all forms of sexuality for a month, his stability in concentration and focus is greatly improved.

Abrahmacharya and alcohol are two things that bring a very heavy veil of ignorance over Gnan. Therefore, one must be very vigilant in these two matters. Alcohol is such that it makes one forget,  ‘I am Chandulal’, then the pure Soul would definitely be forgotten, would it not? That is why the Lord has said that you should be scared of it. The person, who has a complete experience of the Self, would not be affected. Still there lies tremendous danger in its ability to uproot the Lord’s Gnan and throw it out.

The one who wants to have the total experience of the Self must definitely not have any element of sexuality, and that too is not a rule. If, in the last fifteen years of his last life, one has been free of sexuality, then it is good enough. It is not necessary to take up this extreme exercise of brahmacharya life after life. Letting go of sexuality should be a natural process so that it goes away on its own. Your unflinching internal decision should be that until you attain liberation, whatever two to four more lives you may have left, would be without marriage. There is nothing like it.

How long will this total experience of the Self elude you? As long as any element of sexual impulses or sexuality remains this will not happen. This means that when pleasure arises it is difficult to discern exactly whether it stems from the Self or from the sex. If brahmacharya is present then it could be understood ‘on the moment’ that it indeed is the bliss of the Self. When one has this total clear experience of the Self, then one becomes the fully enlightened Lord.

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