Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The intensity of the desires

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Passion is a very strong desire. Even a mild desire is by frequent repetition or frequent enjoyment to a strong passion. In the broadest sense is any strong desire as passion.Religious people have a passion for God. Writers have a tendency to write, novels. You do this often with great passion. There is also the passion to read religious books. But in general usage, means passion lust or a strong sexual appetite. This is a physical craving for sexual or sensual gratification. If a sexual act is repeated very often, the desire for further sexual acts is very big and strong. The sexual instinct or the reproductive instinct in the man asks him to get involved with sexual activity for the survival of the human race. Passion is the instinctive urge to species conservation. Passion is as much a product of ignorance. It is a negative attitude of unconsciousness. Atman, the soul, however, is eternal purity and perfection. Avidya Shakti, the divine energy of ignorance, has taken the form of passion, the universe around us, which is viewed from a divine perspective as a game show in all its diversity. Thus one finds for example in Scripture of "Chandipath" the statement: "I bow to the goddess who has taken the form of passion in all of these beings."
Even Brahma, the creator knows, apparently not the exact seat of passion. In the Bhagavad Gita you will find it mentioned that the senses, the mind and the thought, the seats of passions. The requirements seem to penetrate the entire body. Every cell, every atom, every molecule, every electron is obviously permeated by passions. In the ocean of the passions obvious undercurrents and crosscurrents between streams can be found. You must destroy each of them completely. Passion is a passion that comes from the mind, if the prevailing unrest. to life Unhealthy food such as meat, fish and eggs, provocative clothes and a restless nature, enticing aromas, erotic novels, films, talks and other sensible things, bad company, alcohol, tobacco and intoxicants of all kinds to stimulate the passions.

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