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Q&A -A Firm Decision Takes You Across To Final Safety

What is nischaya (determined decision)? Nischaya means, no matter how powerful an army of worldly difficulties arises with attacks, you would not back off. No matter how many different types of inner appeals and lawyers come to change your understanding, you would remain firm. Once you have made a firm decision, you would not change it. That is called a nischaya.

What is nischaya? It is to stop all other thoughts and come onto only one thought. For example that you definitely want to go to the station from here and from the station you want to go by train and not by bus. Hence, if you make a firm decision, all the evidences for going by train will come together and make it happen.

If your decision is not firm then the evidences will not come together and your goal will not be accomplished.

Questioner: Does the timing change with firm decision?

Dadashri: All the timings change with firm decision. This gentleman was saying,  ‘I will most probably come, but you go ahead if I am not here on time’. I realized that his was a hollow decision and hence evidences for him will be such that he may not be able to accomplish whatever he set out to.

Questioner: Who breaks our firm decision?

Dadashri: It is your own ego. It is the ego that is with attachment, the deluded ego.

Questioner: Is weak intent a weakness of firm decision?

Dadashri: It is not a weakness.  It is not a decision at all! Weaknesses can be removed, but here there is no decision present at all to begin with.

Questioner: If your intent for brahmacharya is not weak or conceited then would the thoughts of sexuality completely stop coming?

Dadashri: No, let the thoughts come. What is wrong with thoughts? The thoughts will never stop. We do not want any weakness of conceit. There must be strong opposition to the subtle greed and conceit for delving into sexuality within. How dare such thoughts arise?

If you make a man who has not slept for four days sit on the edge of a well, if he is determined not to fall into a well, he would not. He would remain awake.

You will succeed in achieving your goal of attaining brahmacharya with your absolute firm decision coupled with my agna, provided there is no wavering in that decision. My agna will guide you wherever you go and you must never abandon your vow, ever. If a thought of sex arises then keep on cleansing it (pratikraman) for half an hour at a time by saying, ‘Why are these thoughts still coming?’ And never initiate the sexual look with anyone. He who wants to practice brahmacharya must not look with sexual intent at any one.

The slightest touch of the hand to a woman can cause shake this firm decision. It will not allow you to sleep; such are the atoms of the female sex. Therefore, the act of touching must never take place, and if you are careful about preserving the purity of your vision, then your firm decision would not waver.

Questioner: If a person’s firm decision about practicing brahmacharya wavers, then is it because of the effect of the wavering inner intent of his previous life?

Dadashri: No, that is not the case. It is because his nischaya is not nischaya. He has not made a firm decision. This is not a result of previous life and this so-called firm decision that he had made, was done by watching others doing it. It wavers because it is done out of going along with others around were doing. Why don’t you get married instead, what do you have to lose? At least you will help some girl get settled.

There can never be exception for brahmacharya because man’s mind is looking for a loophole and wherever there is a slightest hole, the mind makes it larger.

Questioner: What tendencies (of the chit) are working within when a person searches for a loophole?

Dadashri: It is the mind that is working and not the tendencies of the chit. It is the nature of the mind to search for loopholes.

Questioner: How can one stop mind from looking for loopholes?

Dadashri:  With nischaya. A firm unflinching decision. How can it look for a loophole, if your decision is firm? If your decision is firm then nobody can find a loophole. Just like a person who has made a firm decision of not eating meat, will not eat meat.

Questioner: So, should we have a firm decision in every matter?

Dadashri: A firm decision is what makes everything work.

Questioner: After realizing the Self, does one need nischaya in relative matters?

Dadashri: You, the Self do not have to keep the decision, do you? You have to tell Chandresh to make the firm decision and preserve it properly.

If one needs to ask questions about this then he is searching for loopholes. Therefore, whenever there is a need to ask these kinds of questions tell him (Chandresh)‘to be quiet’. Tell him to ‘get out’ so he will become quiet. Everything will disappear the moment you say ‘get out’.

How is it going with you?

Questioner: When such a circumstance arises some day, then one of the seeds of sex sprouts. But I instantly place the ‘three-vision’ on it.

Dadashri: Would one not die if he drowns in the river just once? Or would he have to drown daily to die? Is there any problem left if one dies by drowning in the river just once? Is the river going to lose anything?

Authors of scriptures have called a single act of abrahmacharya, a death. Die if you have to but do not lose brahmacharya.

If awareness does not remain when the force of karma unfolds, recite loudly, the sentences of Gnan to bring back the awareness and confront the karmas. That is called an extraordinary effort (parakram). To invoke the energies of the Self (Atmashkati, sva-virya) is called extraordinary effort (parakram). Nobody has any power against parakram.

Your awareness will be in proportion to your sincerity.  This I am giving you as an aphorism (sutra) and with such clarification that even a little boy can understand. This is science. Your progress depends upon your sincerity, and that sincerity can take you to moksha. The fruit of sincerity is morality.

Questioner: The other day you were saying that even in youth there is a ‘ridge point’, so what is this ‘ridge point’?

Dadashri: ‘Ridge point’ means right at its peak. Where is the ridge of a roof? It is at the top.

When a youth reaches the ‘ridge point’, at that moment everything topples over. If one passes through this, then he is a winner. I will look after everything, but if he changes his mind, then there is no cure. That is why I teach him before the karma unfolds, to walk with his eyes looking down. Do not look at a woman. He can enjoy everything else. We cannot give you any guarantees because you are in your youth.

[4] When the Thoughts of Sexuality Torment
Someday, when a sexual thought sprouts and it lingered on, then you have to do a massive pratikraman, continuous long pratikraman. You must get rid of the thought as soon as it sprouts.

[5] Do Not Be Guided By Your Mind
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You should never proceed as guided by your mind. If the mind says according to what the Gnan says then one may adjust accordingly. If it goes against what our Gnan stands for, then you must stop it.

Look how wise Kabir was when he said, four hundred years ago, that, ‘ The one who lets his mind rule his actions loses everything’. Was Kabir not wise? People are governed by their minds. If your mind says, ‘Get married to this person’, does that mean you have to get married?

Questioner: No. That cannot happen.

Dadashri: What will you do when the mind still says that? You will have to remain strong if you want to practice brahmacharya. The mind can say anything and it will make you say the same. That is why I was saying that tomorrow morning you would run away. What is the reason for this? How can you trust the one who is dictated by his mind?

Questioner: Now, I would not run away from here.

Dadashri: Oh, but what guarantee is there that a man who is governed by his mind will not run away from here? Here, if I scold you for two days, then you would leave on the third day. You do know this. How can you trust your mind?

At the moment your mind helps you by telling you: ‘It is not worth getting married, there are too many problems in getting married’. It is your mind that first shows you this principle, which you have decided through your mind and not through Gnan. It is the mind that showed you the principle to do this.

Questioner: If the firm decision was made through Gnan, then the mind would not go against you, would it?

Dadashri: No, it would not. The foundation for firm decisions (nischaya) made through Gnan is different. All their foundations are like R.C.C (reinforced cement concrete) while the others like those made by the mind are like those made out of mixture of gravel and concrete (non reinforced) which are prone to crack.

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