Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The extirpation of the desire


You have this terrible enemy, the lust, the lies carefully hidden in various corners of your heart, look very closely. Just as the fox hiding in the bushes, so hidden desire in the corners of the mind. You can only determine their presence, if you are attentive. Intensive self-monitoring is very important. can be defeated Just as powerful enemies only when they are attacking from all sides, just as one can defeat the powerful sense only if they are also attacking from all sides, from within and from without, from above and from below. The senses are very restless. The powerful virus that causes syphilis, is prescribed by doctors from all sides started. Here, the various methods are applied, such as oiling or local rubbing, spraying, and powder mixtures. Just so must the senses are controlled by various methods. These methods include fasting, the maintenance of a diet, breathing exercises, mantra meditation, singing religious songs, self-exploration by the question "Who am I?", Meditation, the withdrawal of the senses from the outside world, self-control, yoga exercises, Bandhas (muscular locks) , mudras (finger yoga), mind control and the destruction of the subtle tastes and desires, helping to defeat the passions.
Beware silly at the idea that you could take the pleasure of being a couple of years alone live or where you can find out for a short time the feeling of serenity and purity. You should also by the idea to solve that you have the lust completely eradicated by adding einhälst a little diet, some pranayama (breathing exercises) and a little Japa (mantra meditation) are practicing, and that it otherwise is to do nothing. The temptation you can always set a trap.Strict vigilance and ongoing spiritual practice are essential. Due to limited efforts you'll get no perfect Brahmacharya. Just as a machine gun is necessary to defeat a powerful enemy, including a constant and meaningful spiritual practice is necessary to defeat the desire. You should be cautious about your successes in celibacy. If your desire to be a test subject, it could well be that all your good intentions quickly dwindle. You should always be aware of your mistakes, and you should always seek to place them. This enormous effort is required. Only then will adjust success.
It is easy to keep a wild tiger, a lion or an elephant to tame. It is easy to play with a cobra.It is easy to walk over hot coals. It is easy to devour fire and drink the water of the ocean.It is easy to climb the Himalayas. It is easy to gain a victory in a battlefield. But it is very difficult to eradicate lust. In the course of evolution to the maintenance of species are made possible only by the power of lust. For this reason it is trying to resist all attempts to control them or overcome. So try the lust to enforce vigorously and to fight the efforts of the Brahmachari. But there is no reason to despair. Trust in God, in his name and at his mercy. The desire to be completely uprooted only by the grace of God. If you trust in God, he will lead you to success. With its help you can beat the pleasure with a wink. He will speak again dumb and lame to rise again steep hill. Human effort alone is not enough.The divine grace is needed. God helps those who help themselves. Regular meditation and Japa (mantra meditation), a healthy diet, together with ways the practice of pranayama (breathing exercises), the practice of the headstand and shoulder stand, studying spiritual literature, self-inquiry and the seclusion for three months on the banks of the sacred rivers, destroy completely the lust, yet how powerful the old desires and impressions in the subconscious may be. The positive always overcomes the negative. You need to never be discouraged. Immerse yourself seriously in meditation, detach yourself from false ideas, and come victorious from the fight. Shine as a brilliant Yogi. You are always pure Atman.Trust.
Sexual impulses can be controlled only with great difficulty. There will be a revolt if you try to control these sexual impulse. Constant Japa and meditation for a long period are necessary to guide the sexual energy into spiritual channels. A complete sublimation (conversion) of the sexual energy into Ojas (spiritual = Ojas, sublimated energy - the sublimation will be explained later in detail) is required. Only then can you be absolutely certain that the sexual energy does not escape through any loophole. Only then will you be in samadhi (enlightenment) firmly established as the taste for the sensual pleasure completely disappears. Patience, vigilance, perseverance and rigorous Sadhana (spiritual practice) are necessary to reach to eradicate the sexual drives and perfect purity in thought, word and in deed. Brahmacharya and mental purity can be achieved only through constant effort. They can not be achieved in a day or a week. The lust is certainly very powerful. A sense it's your mortal enemy. But your friend just as powerful, is the name of the Lord. He will destroy the pleasure along with his roots. Therefore, recite and sing: "Ram, Ram, Ram". (Ram a () is the name of God.)
The yogic practice and meditation reduce or dilute the sexual desire in a very large extent.But the self-realization can completely obliterate the sexual desires and impressions of the subconscious. As the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu "bible") rightly emphasizes: "The objects of the senses turn away from the abstinent living man who has the sensual desire behind it, but the desire disappears as if it achieves self-realization.." The sexual urge is a creative force.If you are not guided by spiritual ideals, it is difficult to control the sexual instinct. Direct the sexual energy into higher spiritual channels. This process is called sublimation. This sexual energy is converted into divine energy. The complete eradication of lust can not be made by personal efforts. It can be accomplished only by the grace of God.

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