Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The world is so sexy

Couple in Bathrobes Embracing Outdoors [42-18366849]
Passions rule the world. The minds of the people is filled with sexual thoughts. The world is so sexy. The whole world is in a tremendous sexual intoxication. All are constantly deceived and move with a collective intellect perverted by the world. There is no thought of God. There is no talk about God. Instead, talk about fashion, restaurants, hotels, dinner, dancing, car racing and cinema. There is talk about food, drink and sex. This is almost everything, what do the people. The passion for physical beauty has not only held in London, Paris and Lahore catchment. It is itself in Madras under the young Brahmanenfrauen the Orthodox families to find their faces with make-up powder and cherry Hazeline Snow (skin cream), who instead of holy turmeric powder and her hair like the French girls. This kind of imitation has crept into the minds of our boys and girls in India. The sacred sentiments and teachings of ancient sages were totally ignored. What a pitiful condition!
They take everything, if only a Johnson or Russell recite something about the theory of evolution, the movement of the atom, relativity, or the transcendental philosophy. Shameful indeed! Their brains are all clogged with foreign particles. They do not distinguish between good and bad. They absorb everything. As a result, today there is a degeneration among young people in India. This is the age when one is too easy, a short distance without a Rick Shah, a car, a tram, a bicycle or a coach to go on foot. What a terrible artificial life!Young men these days imitate indiscriminately to the West. This sometimes ends in their ruin. They are affected by lust. You lose the right sense of righteousness. You no longer distinguish between right and wrong. You lose all sense of shame.
See how the crime has increased. Robbery, abduction, kidnapping, injury, murder. They are crimes that are condemned more often by the courts. The lust is the root of this evil. It may be lust for money or lust for sexual pleasure. Lust is ruining the life, luster, strength, vitality, memory, wealth, fame, holiness, peace, wisdom and dedication. With a spirited intellect should perhaps learn some lessons from the animals. Animals often have more self control than the man. It is only the so-called man who has deteriorated due to his sensual weakness. In the heat of sexual excitement, he repeats the same ignoble act again and again. He has not a bit self-control. He is a slave to his passion. He is like a puppet in the hands of passion. Like a rabbit he plants continues and attests to countless children, so as to increase the number of beggars on the earth more and more.
Lions, elephants, bulls and other animals often have a better self control than men. Lions copulate only once a year. The females would never allow the males to approach them until the young animals are weaned and healthy and strong. (Note translator: is true only for female lions, which just received. Have children of unmarried females and the male lions on the other hand, it looks a bit different in. I'm Chapters 27.1 discuss it in detail note. end).Only the person violates this law of nature and suffers as a result of countless diseases. He is a level degenerated to that in this respect is far lower than that of animals. As a ki

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