Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -The Role Of Food In Brahmacharya

Questioner: There is a different kind of happiness in the night, on the day I fast. What is the reason for this?

Dadashri: When happiness is not taken from external things, bliss within expresses. As happiness is taken from external things, the bliss within remains dormant.

I have always practiced penance of eating less food than needed for full satisfaction, right till the end. Awareness remains constantly by eating less. Penance of hunger, eating less means that if you normally eat four chapattis everyday, then start eating only two. That is called the penance of staying hungry because of eating less.

Questioner: How big an obstacle is food in maintaining the awareness in Gnan?

Dadashri: Big obstacle. Food is very hindering because, as the food enters the stomach, it is converted into a form of alcohol and then you feel the effects as lethargy during the rest of the day.

Those who want to practice brahmacharya must be aware that sexual impulses increase with certain foods. These types of foods should be decreased. Fatty foods such as those with fats and oils should not be consumed. Also decrease the amount of milk you take, but you can eat curries, rice, vegetables and chapatis, except just reduce the amount you consume. Do not overeat. Therefore, the amount of food you eat should be such that you do not feel lethargic and at night you feel refreshed with only three to four hours of sleep.

People feed young children magas, gundarpak, rich Indian sweets made from ghee etc. that has very negative effect through the effects of sexual impulses, with the result that they deteriorate morally. Therefore, too much of it should not be given to young children. You have to have some norms.

I am alerting you to the fact that if you want to practice brahmacharya, you should not eat any onions and garlic and potatoes.

Questioner: We cannot eat these three?

Dadashri: It is a wrong philosophy to combine practice of brahmacharya and eating onions, garlic or potatoes. This is contradictory to brahmacharya.

Questioner: Are these three food items avoided for practice of ahimsa, non-violence or is it for some other reason?

Dadashri: These three food items incite sexual impulses greatly and lead to abrahmacharya. These rules have to be followed in order to preserve one’s brahmacharya.

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