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Q&A -‘One’ Should Scold Oneself

Look this man has severely reprimanded his self, threatened his self. It was worth seeing how he was scolding his self and crying at the same time.

Questioner: Once, I reprimanded Chandresh two or three times, and made him cry too. He also told ‘me’ that this would not happen again and yet it happens.

Dadashri: Yes, that will happen but you have to keep on talking to him. ‘You’ have to keep on telling him and that will keep on happening too. By talking You remain detached from him. You have to keep scolding as if he is a neighbor. By keeping on doing that, it will come to an end and all the files will be over too, would they not? If a thought about sex arises, you have to say, ‘It’s not me’. It is not a part of you. You need to scold the one who has it.

Questioner: The experiment that you show us, about doing samayik (to place in front of the Self) by looking in the mirror, and talking to the prakruti (the complex of thought, speech and acts) all feels very good for two or three days, but later the weaknesses return.

Dadashri: If deficiencies set in, start all over again. Deficiencies will set in with time. The nature of the pudgal (physical self) is such that it deteriorates with familiarity and therefore it should be refreshed by innovative ways and adjustments and brought back into order.

Questioner:  One is to attain the end of the experiment by sticking to it.  In reality this does not happen and the experiment is discontinued half way through.

Dadashri: It is achieved by persistent application. It will not happen immediately.

[7]  Pratikraman With True Repentance
Hand of witness on Bible in courtroom [pe0073679]
Questioner: Sometimes I feel bored in performing so many pratikramans, because there are so many to do all of a sudden.

Dadashri: Yes, this is the problem with apratikraman. This happens because pratikramans was not done at the time the mistake happened. By doing the pratikraman right away, the fault will not arise again.

Questioner: When can you say that the cloth has been washed properly? cleansed?

Dadashri: When you do pratikraman, you yourself will feel that it has been washed properly.

Questioner: Should  remorse remain internally?

Dadashri: The remorse must remain. The remorse must remain until your work (liberation) is done. You just have to keep watching if he is remorseful or not. You have to do your work, and he will do his.

Questioner. All this is very sticky, but some change is occurring.

Dadashri: Whatever kind of fault was filled, is what comes out. But this will be emptied in twelve years, ten years or five years, and then the tank will be all cleared. Then it will be clean and then you are free in everything.

Questioner: Once the seed has been sown, it will bring forth its fruit, will it not?

Dadashri: The seeds are sown! It will bear fruit, but as long as the roots have not taken a firm hold, there will be some change in the intensity of the fruit. Therefore, before death one can change the result to come, and be cleansed of it.

That is why we say to a person who has a lot of sexual faults, or any other faults, to fast on Sunday and keep thinking about the faults and cleansing them whole day. If this is done with my agna, the faults will decrease.

Questioner: How do we do samayik-pratikraman for matters related to sexual indulgence and impulses?

Dadashri: You have to do pratikraman for all the mistakes that have occurred till today and make a firm decision not to repeat those mistakes in future.

Questioner: What if we keep seeing the same mistakes over and over, when doing samayik?

Dadashri: Ask for forgiveness as long as you keep seeing mistakes. Ask for forgiveness, do repentance and pratikraman with remorse over it.

Questioner: Just now when I sat in samayik, why did I keep seeing the same things over and over again?

Dadashri: That will come, as long as those atoms are still there within you. What problem does that cause you anyway?

Questioner: Does it mean that they keep coming because they have not been cleansed properly?

Dadashri: No. That stock is there and will remain for a very long time. It will remain for about tens of years, but you have to persevere to remove it all.

Questioner: This science of uprooting the two-leaf sapling of sexual thought, is it such that on doing this sincerely one will win all the way and attain lasting brahmacharya?

Dadashri: Yes, but sex is such a thing that if you get involved in it, you will loose the awareness of the Self. Therefore, this tuber is harmful. When the tuber of sexuality sprouts the result is the sexual impulse, and it is like a two leaf sapling. Generally the impulse is so strong that one becomes engrossed in it, becomes one with it. This engrossment is called vishaya. It cannot be called vishaya, without being engrossed in it. There should be so much awareness, when this tuber sprouts as a sapling of sexual impulse that if you uproot and discard it, just like discarding the thought as soon it arises, you would not become engrossed in it. Then it will not touch you. Then the tuber still exists and may sprout again and again when the circumstances are right. When the tuber is finally gone, dissolved, no impulses of sexuality will arise within, and your goal of brahmacharya will be attained.

Questioner: So, the interaction of worldly attraction of sex does not exist once the tuber of sex is dissolved?

Dadashri: That interaction will stop. The relationship between a ‘needle’ and a ‘magnet’ would stop. This relation is only there because of these tubers of sexuality carried over from past life. Sexuality is gross, overt and of the body, whereas the Self is beyond anything that is the subtlest. It is very difficult to maintain this awareness and therefore engrossment in sex happens. It is only the Gnani Purush who can maintain this awareness continuously, no one else can.

The tuber of sexuality is very huge and there is great need to dissolve it. And for that purpose this unique samayik has come about in a very natural way. Arrange to sit in this samayik. It will dissolve everything, all traces of sexuality. You will have to do something about this huge tuber, will you not? You will have to remove all the ‘diseases’ whilst Dada is here, would you not? Only one or two tubers are large, but would you not have to get rid of whatever they are? You have wandered for countless lives because of this disease of sex. The purpose of this samayik is to get rid of the persistent tuber of sex. This tuber gives rise to causes for sexuality in the next life. And therefore to get rid of this tuber samayik is necessary.

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