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Q&A -Exclusive Nature Of Brahmacharya In Akram Vignan

Brahmacharya has been accepted by the whole world. Without brahmacharya, the Self can never be attained. Any one who is against brahmacharya will never attain the Self. One must continuously vigilant against all elements of sexuality. Here even a second of inattention will not do.

Questioner: How much relation is there between brahmacharya and moksha (liberation)?

Dadashri: There is a lot of relation. The Self cannot be experienced without brahmacharya. You will never know,‘is this bliss from sex or is it from the Self?’

Questioner: There are two types of brahmacharya practioners. One is that practiced in a married state and the other in an unmarried state. Which is the higher of the two?

Dadashri: One practiced after getting married is higher but it is very difficult to do so. We have so many married people practicing brahmacharya, but they are all in their forties.

Ultimately, even the married person will have let go of sex for last ten to fifteen years of life. They will have to be free from everything. Lord Mahavir too, was free in the last forty-two years of his life. There are endless difficulties with a woman in this worldly life. Difficulties begin from the time they are joined together in matrimony. How can two minds think alike? How long can they think alike? Suppose, if they both liked the kadhi soup, but what about the prepared vegetables? Here the two minds would not think alike and hence they attain nothing. There is never harmony where there are differences in opinions.

Gnani Purush is ‘open too sky’, without any secrets. He is available no matter what time of the night you go to him. I do not have to practice brahmacharya. I do not even think about sex. This body does not have those atoms of sexuality. That is why such speech related to brahmacharya comes out. No one has spoken about brahmacharya. People themselves are sexual and involved in sexaulity and therefore they have not spoken against sex. And here, I have spoken enough about brahmacharya that a whole book can be published. I have spoken about it in its entire spectrum. This is no atom or subatomic particle of sexuality remains. I remain detached from my body and live like a neighbor with my body. Otherwise, this type of wonder would never be found, would it?

If you eat a fruit but eat with repentance, then new seed would not be sown and if you eat with pleasure that, ‘Yes, today I really enjoyed myself’, then new seed would be sown.

Otherwise this brahmacharya will slack off if you relax even a little. Therefore do not relax, remain strict. ‘I do not want this even if I die’. Such strictness is needed.

Even at a very young age, I could not understand why people see happiness in sex? What kind of a thing this is? Since a very young age I have acquired this practice of ‘three visions’.  That is why I feel apathy towards this and I have a strong aversion. Whereas, other people go for sex,  and worship it. What kind of foolishness is this?

Questioner: Can the previous shortcomings of the past life showing up now, be gotten rid of through strong decision (nischaya)?

Dadashri: Yes, you can get rid of all shortcomings. A firm decision can achieve anything.

When very tough circumstances of sexual environment and forces unfold in your life they may unsettle you. Now what does tough circumstance mean? Say if you are sitting in a very strongly built room, and many people outside are very angry towards you, even if five thousand people out side are angry and shouting at you,  ‘We will kill you’, what would you do? Let them shout as much as they want to.  You are safe in your strong room. Similarly, if you remain calm, nothing will happen to you, but if you waver and become afraid then the other thing would latch on to you. Therefore, whatever karma unfolds, maintain your stability and inner calm by saying, ‘I am pure Soul and this is not mine’. You must remain strong this way. It will come again and confuse you for a little while, but nothing can happen if you maintain your steadfast calm.

These boys who practice brahmacharya are practicing it in their mind, speech and body. Outside, others can never practice brahmacharya of their mind. They do so only with their speech and their body. With our Gnan, you can practice it through your mind also. If brahmacharya can be practiced through mind, speech and body then there is no greater energy that can be achieved than this. My five Agnas can be followed with that energy with ease. How can the five Agnas be followed without the energies of brahmacharya?  Energy of brahmacharya is entirely a different thing.

These brahmacharis, both boys and girls, are getting ready. For these young girls, there would not be any need for applying lipsticks and powder, when there is the radiance of brahmacharya on their faces. There will be an aura and glow like that of lion’s cub. That is when you will realize that, that there is something special here. This science of the vitarags is such that if it is assimilated with understanding, then it is like digesting the milk of a lioness. The result is majestic like that of the cub of a lion. Otherwise it would look like a goat.

Questioner: These people are refusing to get married. Is it not called an obstructing karma towards liberation?

Dadashri: If we go to Bhadaran from here, does that mean that we have created towards going to other cities? One goes wherever it is convenient for him. Let me explain obstructive karma. When you are giving something to someone who needs it, and I tell you that it is not worth giving him. Then I have created an obstruction, and hence I would not get that help from anyone when I am in need, in my next life. I created hindrance towards that item for my self.

Questioner: If you want to practice brahmacharya, can this be called karma?

Dadashri: Yes, it is definitely called karma. You bind karma with this. As long as there is ignorance of the Self, there is karma, whether it is brahmacharya or abrahmacharya. Brahmacharya binds merit karma and abrahmacharya binds demerit karma.

Questioner:  What is the reward for someone who encourages brahmacharya, gives encouragement to brahmacharis and aids them in every way?

Dadashri: What do we want to do with the reward? We want to attain liberation after only one more life, then where are you going to store the reward? You may be rewarded with hundred wives. What are you going to do with such a reward? You do not want to enjoy such a reward.

So, he had already asked me,  ‘All this that I am doing now, would it bind merit karma?’  I told him that he would not bind any karma. At this time all this is in the form of discharge and all the seeds have been roasted in the Gnan Vidhi.

Questioner: All these people who become brahmacharis, is brahmacharya in their discharge?

Dadashri: Yes, it is in their discharge. But along with this discharge they have an inner intent, and that is a charge. It is because of this inner intent that the brahmacharya remains strong. Otherwise discharge would always weaken it. And with the inner intent, that he wants to practice brahmacharya, strength is maintained. The only doer ship in this Akram Vignan, is that of following the Agnas that I have given you. Anything that has to be followed, there is doer ship in it. Therefore in, ‘I want to practice brahmacharya’ there is doer ship. Otherwise brahmacharya is a discharge.

Questioner: But, is practicing brahmacharya a doer ship?

Dadashri: Yes, to ‘practice’ is doer ship. And the fruit of this doer ship will be the samyak merit deed in the next life. That means that, in your next life, you will receive whatever you wish without any difficulty and with all that ease attain moksha. You can have the darshan of tirthankaras and you can also get a chance to stay next to the tirthankara. There, all your circumstances will be very wonderful.

Questioner: What is the connection between fasting on Sunday and practicing brahmacharya?

Dadashri: What is fasting on Sunday for? It is to oppose and confront sexuality. You do not want sexuality to come to you; therefore by confronting proactively you begin to become free from sexual impulses. I make him confront sex because he cannot let go of sexuality. These are all melons; these are all simmering melons of kaliyug. You cannot let go of anything, leave alone sexuality, and therefore you have to find some bold means do you not?

Actually, this science is such that one cannot say, ‘You do this and you do that’, but this era of the time cycle is such that I have to. These peoples’ ultimate outcome is uncertain. They may go on to the wrong path, after acquiring the Gnan, and that is why I have to say this. There are no problems when power of my words is present and working in them. Then they do not bear any responsibility of doer ship if they follow my words. When I say, ‘You do this’, then you are not responsible and my responsibility does not remain because I am the eternal non-doer.

Now who would leave this unique state for which there are no words good enough for praise, for a state, which can be praised with worldly words? Who would touch the refuse of the whole world when there is Gnan? The Gnani Purush sees all the vishayas, objects of enjoyment of the world, as refuse. What is the rule of this world?  Any person who does not have any thoughts about wealth, does not have any thoughts of vishaya and who continuously stays detached from his body, the world will call him God.

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