Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sexuality, celibacy and spirituality

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do whatever your soul needs to be done to allow spiritual growth -
but do it efficiently, free and consciously - with love -
realize what you have learned from all your lessons
beloved soul
please make sure that you have carefully studied all the various chapters of my web site. particularly the chapter about yama and niyama - the spiritual laws yama and niyama
Spiritual progress - i.e. development of divine potential within each person - leads to dissolving of ANY possible problem that ever occurred in the past or may appear to hit you at present or in the future.
God and Divine Love are the solution to all. but you need to realize that divine love within yourself as well. YOU need to become a true and fully realized saint - an "adult" child of God.

True spiritual progress leads to healing of all problems including sexual problems

so is spiritual development a natural relief to any sexual problem as you described it. God never required celibacy. if - like in your case - the missing partnership, including sexuality, is causing any disturbance or agitation of your emotional life, it may well be because God created sexuality as a means to develop divine love within mankind while having a physical body and your soul pushes you to confront yourself with all aspects of life and the divine creation including sexuality. the basic lessons of developing Divine Love are so important that he created a means a "playground" for his beloved children, to learn this very basic lessons with a partner - this playground is sexuality. it is but a minor part of the entire life on earth - suppressing it however causes year by year millions of persons on earth to seriously suffer physical and emotional stress, pain and illness. however it is important to realize, that sexuality is only the basic lesson of love, allowing others to love you as well as learning to love others. once you have learned this basic lesson to a certain extent, it is necessary to move ahead and learn to love beyond the physical love.

Learning sexuality is like learning the ABC for children - sexuality is the ABC of Love !

sexuality on your way to God may for many or most people on earth be considered like learning the ABC ... on a child's way to become a student and later on an adult working for his life. the abc is unimportant once you have learned and know the words, and the sentences, later on, even this knowledge may be replaced by spiritual ways of learning without knowing the abc. - like the technique of samyama or realizing God-consciousness. sexuality on your way to God may help you for some time to learn all the details of true love before enabling you to go ahead and practice a more powerful love beyond physical, astral or causal body - Divine Love free of any body, form or similar manifestation, yet more real and infinitely more powerful than anything else you ever experienced before.

Anything that causes tension, stress, unbearable temper or guilt is wrong
and a hazard to spiritual progress and overall wellbeing and health !

If you body's hormones create a desire for sexuality, then there are two different points of view that will help you at present and in the future:
One is that you may learn to admit a basic need for love of your being, including all temporary manifestations of your soul - including physical love while having a physical body. this love can sometimes only be satisfied with physical love, as long as your separation from God is too obvious. before you can love everyone and can accept anyone to love you, you may first learn to love a single person with body, mind, heart and soul and allow a single person to love you to the same extent.
others need your love as well, why withdraw all your love from them, if your love can be a healing medicine for them?? someone may get healed from loneliness, from depression or even cancer just by YOUR full love. if you are ready to give all you have. there is never anything to lose, even in sexuality, but there is something to gain - LOVE. without taking a "risk" you never may win this capability to get LOVE from others and learn to LOVE. others as well.

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