Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The desire in men and women

Businesswomen in a waiting room [1831416]Although a woman appears very smooth and soft, it can still be very coarse and rough and clearly male, when she is angry. The feminine grace vanishes when it comes under the influence of anger, protest, anger and resentment. Have you ever seen women who fought in the streets with each other? Women are more jealous than men. They have a stronger bond and passion. They are much more passionate than men. Women have more energy and stamina. You are emotional. Men are rational, however. Although women are more passionate than men, they still have more control than men. Once they have lured a man, they keep quiet in a way. The actor really is the man he is aggressive. He is the one who can taste the forbidden fruit first. He is active. He gets out of control and loses his mind and discernment, when under the influence of passion. Once a man is caught in the trap in the net that is woven by the women, there is no escape for him. The woman, however, is passive. It excites him and plays with his illusions. It is inflamed and burned in his heart.She smiles, looks at him in love and then hold still. She waits. The man is the aggressor. He is the real culprit.
The man is the true seducer. He passes over the rules. All women would be to Miras, and Madalasas Sulabhas, revered figures in the mythology, it was not for the common nature of man. It needs to be improved first and shaped. He has not so much self-control, such as women, they usually have. They say women are eight times more passionate than men, but they have eight times more starch in the control of sexual drives. This is the weakness of the man, a woman even though he may be physically and intellectually superior. Flatter women persuade and mislead you. They are experts in the art of flattery. They make up their winning phrases, activities, and her youthful charm, flirtatious glances and gestures and by her smile slaves. A considerable part of your life have you wasted chasing the lust.Women can briefly look quite charming. This beauty can also quickly disappear again.Prior to these temptations, which wrap up by their flattery, you should be careful. Spend your remaining days rather in the holy banks of the Ganges with silent Japa and meditation.
The scorpion has the venom in its tail, the cobra in its fangs, the mosquito in its saliva and the phrase-mongers on his tongue. Women can seduce you with their eyes. Send messages of affection to lascivious young men and drill them with their seductive glances her heart and inflame the passions. But they can not inflict damage on an attentive ways, the attention to the Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss) and the pure nature of the Atman is addressed. There are tongues and telegraphic instruments in the eyes of young, passionate women. You send them through their smiling glances passionate young men love their arrows and messages of love, because they pull in their spell and enchant you. These young men who have no discernment to be by such messages of love to the victims of their passions. They become the lapdog of young women, even if they have a university education, a high position and a title. What a shame!
The reason for this behavior of the man is that his will and his intellect are obviously failing.Oh, her yoga students, hold you back from the women, as long as you are not well established in Brahmacharya. You should not sacrifice your noble ideal life for the fleeting moments with a beautiful woman. Think of the condition of the body. What now seems even more so covetous may tomorrow have already lost all luster. Made present to you the picture of the dead body of a woman or her skeleton when you are on is the passion.Thus you will gradually gain strength and overcome the passion. The dispassion will stop spreading. The cause of the sexual attraction to women is the presence of subtle unconscious wishes and desires of sensual mind. Exterminate them. Then they have no attraction anymore. Those who have renounced women and money, have renounced the world.

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