Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -Dada Gives Encouragement to Aptaputris

The world does not know that all this is wrapped up and disguised with a silk cloth. It is the refuse that you do not like, that is wrapped in a silk cloth. Do you not think so? If you only realize this then you will experience apathy towards sexual desires. People do not realise this and that is why this world continues the way it does. Do any of the ladies have such awareness? What would you find when you peel a good-looking man?

What would you find in a well-groomed and dressed man, when you cut him open? Ladies deluded with illusion of sexuality do not see this and hence are they are overwhelmed by his good looks. I can see clearly through him.

Women should not look at men with sexual intent and vice versa, because they are of no use to you. What is there to see in what Dada calls a refuse?

The rules of attraction exist. They are that attraction occurs towards only certain person, the attraction does not occur with everyone. Now, I will tell you what causes this attraction.

If no sexual attraction is happening in this life, yet when you see a certain young man and you feel, ‘this boy is so handsome, he is so good looking’. Then you have instantly sown a seed for your next life. With this, sexual attraction will happen in your next life.

Nischaya means that you do not need to be reminded of it. It is simply there. It is your state. It remains as the foundation of your awareness, ‘I am pure Soul’. The relative circumstances unfolding in front of you may make it seem that you have forgotten it, but no, it is there. That is nischaya.

Inner visual contemplation (niddidhyasan) happens the moment you think, ‘This woman is good looking or this man is good looking’. It lasts that long. Then one becomes that. Therefore, this problem arises only when you look, does it not? Instead, keep your eyes focused downwards and do not make any eye contact. The whole world is a trap. There is no freedom after been trapped. You will go through life after life and not see an end to it.

A husband who remains yours and who never forgets you for a second is a worthy husband. But this will never happen.  So why then mess with these men who are by nature disloyal?

Therefore, in this day and age, people are not hungry for love. They are hungry for sex. Those who are hungry for love, they will not mind if they do not have sex at all. You have to do darshan and revere such a person. These people are hungry for sex. Hunger for sex means refuse and nothing else.

If there is an intense love then there is a worldly life for him. Otherwise the living is for sex as a refuse only. The sexual love like the necessity of nature. Its like going to the toilet. Isn’t this nature’s call? Sita and Rajchandraji were married, weren’t they? When Sita was abducted, Rama’s chit was in Sita and Sita’s chit was in Rama. They were not able to have sex for fourteen years, yet their chit was in each other. This is called a marriage. Otherwise these are called nature’s forces. Nature’s necessity!

Therefore, it is a problem only if you have a husband, is it not? But if you have taken a vow of brahmacharya, then there is no sex or husband related problems. And if you have such a Gnan, then your problem is solved.

This lady’s firm decision is, ‘I want to attain moksha within one life. I cannot afford to stay here, therefore I want only one more life’. Therefore she received all the means to achieve that and she also received the agna of brahmacharya.

Questioner: Will we also have one more life before liberation?

Dadashri: For you, it will take some time. For now, let things carry on according to what I say. One life liberation is possible only after coming into the agna of brahmacharya and  also,  attaining Gnan. Even without the agna of brahmacharya moksha will occur within two to four lives. You have to receive and follow the agna of brahmacharya if you want liberation in just one more life.

After coming into this Gnan you have to follow my agnas.  As yet I have not given  you the agna for brahmacharya. I am not quick to give that because not everyone will know or be comfortable in following it. For this, you need a very strong mind.

If you want to practice brahmacharya, you must be cautious that not a single thought about another man arises. And if it does then erase it right away.

One is shuddhachetan (pure consciousness, pure Soul, the Self) and the other is mishrachetan (mixed consciousness, worldly self). If you get entrapped with mishrachetan, a man, then, even if you have achieved the pure Self, it can lead you astray. Therefore if a relation of sexual interaction occurs, then wandering begins. You want to go to moksha and if that man is going into the animal kingdom, he will drag you down along with him. You will have to go there because you built a relationship with him. So you must see to it that a sexual relation does not occur. When the mind is free from sex, then only it is called ideal relative conduct. Then you would be ready for your role as an aptaputri( young woman trained by the Gnani for the work of salvation of the world, a female brahmachari). The mind fractures when it corrupts with sexual inclinations and indulgence. Otherwise there is so much power within every girl. It is no ordinary power. If the ladies are from Hindustan and they have this science of the vitarag, then what else is left for them?

You have to acquire your salvation by being blessed by the ‘Gnani Purush’.  Once you become the Self and reamain as the Self, others around will be blessed without any words.  Nothing is gained from people who just keep on talking, Nothing happens by just giving lectures or talking. On the contrary, the intellect becomes emotional by talking. Just by observing the Gnani and his ways, his and his conduct, by observing  worldly form, all the inner intents of any worldly nature dissolve. Therefore become that. By staying near Gnani Purush, become like him. How many countless souls will be blessed if only five girls become like me. They must become completely pure, and in presence of  the Gnani Purush, they can and will become pure.

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