Monday, August 6, 2012

Audio Thirukkural - All the 1330 couplets (Kural) Songs With Meaning

Full Download Link :

KURAL 1 TO 10.mp3
KURAL 11 TO 20.mp3
KURAL 21 TO 30.mp3
KURAL 31 TO 40.mp3
KURAL 41 TO 50.mp3
KURAL 51 TO 60.mp3
KURAL 61 TO 70.mp3
KURAL 71 TO 80.mp3
KURAL 81 TO 90.mp3
KURAL 91 TO 100.mp3
KURAL 101 TO 110.mp3
KURAL 111 TO 120.mp3
KURAL 121 TO 13O.mp3
KURAL 131 TO 140.mp3
KURAL 141 TO 150.mp3
KURAL 151 TO 160.mp3
KURAL 161 TO 170.mp3
KURAL 171 TO 180.mp3
KURAL 181 TO 190.mp3
KURAL 191 TO 200.mp3
KURAL 201 TO 210.mp3
KURAL 211 TO 220.mp3
KURAL 221 TO 230.mp3
KURAL 231 TO 240.mp3
KURAL 241 TO 250.mp3
KURAL 251 TO 260.mp3
KURAL 261 TO 270.mp3
KURAL 271 TO 280.mp3
KURAL 281 TO 290.mp3
KURAL 291 TO 300.mp3
KURAL 301 TO 310.mp3
KURAL 311 TO 320.mp3
KURAL 321 TO 330.mp3
KURAL 331 TO 340.mp3
KURAL 341 TO 350.mp3
KURAL 351 TO 360.mp3
KURAL 361 TO 370.mp3
KURAL 371 TO 380.mp3
KURAL 381 TO 390.mp3
KURAL 391 TO 400.mp3
KURAL 401 TO 410.mp3
KURAL 411 TO 420.mp3
KURAL 421 TO 430.mp3
KURAL 431 TO 440.mp3
KURAL 441 TO 450.mp3
KURAL 451 TO 460.mp3
KURAL 461 TO 470.mp3
KURAL 471 TO 480.mp3
KURAL 481 TO 490.mp3
KURAL 491 TO 500.mp3
KURAL 501 TO 510.mp3
KURAL 511 TO 520.mp3
KURAL 521 TO 530.mp3
KURAL 531 TO 540.mp3
KURAL 541 TO 550.mp3
KURAL 551 TO 560.mp3
KURAL 561 TO 570.mp3
KURAL 571 TO 580.mp3
KURAL 581 TO 590.mp3
KURAL 591 TO 600.mp3
KURAL 601 TO 610.mp3
KURAL 611 TO 620.mp3
KURAL 621 TO 630.mp3
KURAL 631 TO 640.mp3
KURAL 641 TO 650.mp3
KURAL 651 TO 660.mp3
KURAL 661 TO 670.mp3
KURAL 671 TO 680.mp3
KURAL 681 TO 690.mp3
KURAL 691 TO 700.mp3
KURAL 701 TO 710.mp3
KURAL 711 TO 720.mp3
KURAL 721 TO 730.mp3
KURAL 731 TO 740.mp3
KURAL 741 TO 750.mp3
KURAL 751 TO 760.mp3
KURAL 761 TO 770.mp3
KURAL 771 TO 780.mp3
KURAL 781 TO 790.mp3
KURAL 791 TO 800.mp3
KURAL 801 TO 810.mp3
KURAL 811 TO 820.mp3
KURAL 821 TO 830.mp3
KURAL 831 TO 840.mp3
KURAL 841 TO 850.mp3
KURAL 851 TO 860.mp3
KURAL 861 TO 870.mp3
KURAL 871 TO 880.mp3
KURAL 881 TO 890.mp3
KURAL 891 TO 900.mp3
KURAL 901 TO 910.mp3
KURAL 911 TO 920.mp3
KURAL 921 TO 930.mp3
KURAL 931 TO 940.mp3
KURAL 941 TO 950.mp3
KURAL 951 TO 960.mp3
KURAL 961 TO 970.mp3
KURAL 971 TO 980.mp3
KURAL 981 TO 990.mp3
KURAL 991 TO 1000.mp3
KURAL 1001 TO 1010.mp3
KURAL 1011 TO 1020.mp3
KURAL 1021 TO 1030.mp3
KURAL 1031 TO 1040.mp3
KURAL 1041 TO 1050.mp3
KURAL 1051 TO 1060.mp3
KURAL 1061 TO 1070.mp3
KURAL 1071 TO 1080.mp3
KURAL 1081 TO 1090.mp3
KURAL 1091 TO 1100.mp3
KURAL 1101 TO 1110.mp3
KURAL 1111 TO 1120.mp3
KURAL 1121 TO 1130.mp3
KURAL 1131 TO 1140.mp3
KURAL 1141 TO 1150.mp3
KURAL 1151 TO 1160.mp3
KURAL 1161 TO 1170.mp3
KURAL 1171 TO 1180.mp3
KURAL 1181 TO 1190.mp3
KURAL 1191 TO 1200.mp3
KURAL 1201 TO 1210.mp3
KURAL 1211 TO 1220.mp3
KURAL 1221 TO 1230.mp3
KURAL 1231 TO 1240.mp3
KURAL 1241 TO 1250.mp3
KURAL 1251 TO 1260.mp3
KURAL 1261 TO 1270.mp3
KURAL 1271 TO 1280.mp3
KURAL 1281 TO 1290.mp3
KURAL 1291 TO 1300.mp3
KURAL 1301 TO 1310.mp3
KURAL 1311 TO 1320.mp3
KURAL 1321 TO 1330.mp3


  1. Now All 1330 Audio ThiruKural Working :

    1. Hi, I am not able to download 1330 kural videos by using this link
      please help me to find correct url.
      thanks in advance..

  2. Thirukkural - I recently visited and it has complete details of thirukkural with search , transliteration and audio

  3. Thanking you suresh.... everyone needs to hear and follow in their life.... best of luck to all who are going to download...and hear....and follow............

  4. The Thirukkural is a classic Tamil sangam literature consisting of 1330 couplets or Kurals.It was authored by Thiruvalluvar.In a unique way we have introduced a new free app "Thirukuralisai". This trendsetting app is developed as a way to promote thirukural to wider audience through music.Try this !!! you may like.

  5. i am not able to download the collection , plz help me to download

  6. Please help me I need completely know the thirukural if it's songs which is better..tell me either how to download it or alternate website

  7. A good selection of songs with meaning for any age listener. Many songs touch the soul to the depths of the soul.

  8. A good selection of songs with meaning for any age listener.
    Many songs touch the soul to the depths of the soul.

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