Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Amma is a sourrce of divine energy because of Her Brahmacharya.

Many women of yore had done miraculous deeds and shown to the world the
power of chastity. Nalayini, by the power of chastity, stopped the rising of
the sun to save her husbands's life. Anasuya turned the Trimurtis-Brahma,
Vishnu and Mahesvara-into babies when they wanted Nirvana Bhiksha. It is
through the power of chastity only that she was able to turn the great
deities into babies. Savitri brought back the life of Satyavan, her husband,
from the noose of Yama, by her chastity. Such is the power of chastity or
Brahmacharya. Women who lead an ideal householder's life with chastity can
also become like Anasuya, Nalayini or Savitri.

Brahmacharinis-ancient and modern
In olden days, there were Brahmacharinis in India. They were Brahmavadinis;
they discoursed on Brahman. They did not wish to lead the life of
Grihastha-Dharminis devoted to a householder's duties. They served the
Rishis and sages in their hermitages and did Brahma-Vichara or enquiry of
Brahman. King Janasruti placed his daughter at the service of Rishi Raikva.
You will find this in the Chhandogya Upanishad.

Gargi was also a Brahmacharini. She also was a highly cultured lady. She
also had a lengthy discussion with Yajnavalkya on Brahma-Vidya. The dialogue
between them comes in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

In Europe also there were many women who were celibate and who dedicated
their lives entirely to severe austerity, prayer and meditation. They had
their own hermitages. In India, even at the present moment, there are
educated women who lead the life of Brahmacharinis. They do not wish to
marry. This is due to the force of good Samskaras of previous births. They
give education to the girls in schools. They give free tuition privately to
poor girls and train them in sewing and other household works. They study
religious books and practice meditation in the morning and in the evening.
They do Kirtan. They keep a daily spiritual diary. They conduct Satsanga
classes and Kirtan among women. They train girls in the practice of Asanas
and Pranayama. They give discourses on the Gita and the Upanishads. They
deliver lectures on the religious subjects in English, Sanskrit and Hindi.
During holidays and on important occasions, they hold religious conferences
for ladies on a grand scale for mass spiritual awakening.

Sometimes they visit nearby villages and distribute medicines freely to the
poor. They are equipped with the knowledge of first-aid, homoeopathy,
allopathy and the bio-chemical system of medicine. They are trained in
nursing the sick. There is a highly educated Brahmacharini, who is
well-versed in Sanskrit, English and Hindi, who is the head of an
institution for girls. She maintains a free private school also for poor
girls at her own expense. This is a very noble service indeed.

Such girls and women are really a blessing to India. They lead a life of
purity and self-sacrifice. They enjoy bliss, prosperity and renown here and
will also attain the immortal abode of supreme peace hereafter. India is in
need of more Brahmacharinis of this description who can dedicate their lives
to service, meditation and prayer.

The world is in dire need of such ideal women. I wish that the world may
abound with such glorious women.
Loose life is not perfect freedom. Some women of India have ruined
themselves by taking advantage of this false freedom. There is no limit to
the freedom, which the so-called educated woman enjoys now. This freedom has
caused many homes to be wrecked. It has created disorders in society. It has
brought shame on many respectable families. The girls, in their insatiable
craving for freedom, have overstepped the limit and lost that priceless
possession which the women of the past could keep untarnished.

A call to spiritual life
Ammaa advises women to walk in the path of righteousness. Preserve your
Pativrata Dharma. See Divinity in your husband. Study the Gita, the
Upanishads, Bhagavata and Ramayana. Become good Grihastha-Dharminis and
Brahma-Vicharinis. Bring forth many Gourangas. The destiny of the world is
entirely in your hands. You are holding the master-key of the world. Open
the door of Elysian bliss. Bring Vaikuntha in your home. Train your children
in the spiritual path. Sow the spiritual seed when they are young.

Be you all real Sannyasinis and bring real glory, real greatness, for that
is real boldness and courage, that is real wisdom and understanding. A woman
is not a woman if she is devoid of spiritual fire in her, if she is ignorant
of a higher life in the Soul. A woman's duty is not merely family; her duty
is also to transcend the family. Her duty does not lie in sans, bangles,
jackets, powders and scents. Her duty does not lie in getting employment for
her children. Her duty is also concerned with the Self, the Atman, the
Brahman. Such a woman is a real symbol of God. She is to be adored, she is
to be worshipped

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