Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mind, Prana and semen & Modern medicine considers

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Mind, prana (breathing) and seeds are the three links of a chain. They are the three pillars of the soul. Destroy one of the pillars, mind, Prana or seeds, and the building collapses.Mind, Prana and semen are one. Since you control the mind, you can control Prana and semen. While you control Prana, you can control the mind and semen. If you control the seed, then you can control the mind and Prana. Mind, Prana and semen are connected to a divine power circuit. When the mind is controlled, then the breathing and the seed is controlled automatically. The one who holds back his breath calmed, his mind and also holds back his seed. Again. If the semen is checked and if by pure thoughts, through the practice of viparita Karani (precursor to the shoulder stand), by Sarvangasana (shoulder stand), by Sirshasana (headstand), through pranayama (breathing exercises) and mudras (finger yoga) up to the brain flows, then the mind and the Prana is automatically controlled.
The mind is particularly concerned by two things, by the vibrations of Prana and subtle desires. Where the mind is calmed, is also retained the prana, the prana is calm and where there is also reason to rest. Mind and Prana are intimate companions, like a man and his shadow. When the mind and Prana are not restrained, all the senses get activated and anxiety in life. Spreads in a man's passion, then the Prana actively by an increased breathing rate. Then followed the whole body of the commands of the mind, just as the soldier following orders of his commander. The breath, the prana moving the seeds. The seed is set in motion. He falls down, just as the clouds fall as rain, or, as the fruits, flowers and leaves of the trees covered by the force of the raging wind to the ground.

Excellent European GP support the claim of Indian yogis. Dr. Nicole says: "It is a medical and physiological fact that the best form of blood in the body, the elements of reproduction (sperm, ova) in both sexes in a clean and orderly life, this substance is absorbed, it goes back in.. the bloodstream, forms a powerful brain, nerves and muscular tissue. This vital seminal fluid diffuses through the male body makes him manly, strong, brave and heroic. Will he go to waste, it makes a man unmanly, weak and physically weak, vulnerable to sexual stimuli, gives him a pitiable nervous system, epilepsy, many diseases and ultimately death. The abstinence provides a remarkable increase in physical and mental strength. "
If the semen production in men is continuous, it must be either eliminated or absorbed. As a result of patient and persevering scientific investigations can be said that whenever the seed is preserved, it is absorbed by the body. It enriches the blood and strengthens the brain. Dr. Dio Louis thinks that the preservation of the seed contributes to the strength of the body, the strength of mind and sharpness of intellect. Another writer Dr. EP Miller says: "Any waste of semen, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, is a direct waste of life force. It is generally admitted that the choicest elements of the blood in the development of sperm are involved. If these summaries are true, then it follows that a virtuous life, much to the benefit of the man. "

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