Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -Sex is Beastliness

People of my time were very good about one thing. They did not harbor much sexual thoughts. They did not have sexual intentions towards women. There were may be five to seven percent of such people who were sexually hungry. They would seek widows who had no one else living at home.  In my youth every girl was addressed as sister, even if she was not related. This was the common practice. Until the age of ten to eleven there was such innocence in sexual matters that I used to run around without any shorts.

No thoughts about sex would arise, so there was not a problem. That is why there were no hassles. There was no awareness of sex.

Questioner: Was this because of some kind of a community pressure?

Dadashri: No, not due to any community pressure. It is the upbringing, the values instilled by the parents. A three-year-old child would not know that its parents have this kind of a relationship. This is how good their secrecy was. And if need be, then on that day the children would be sleeping in another room. These are the values of the parents. These days, the bedrooms are here and there. Plus they have double beds, do they not?

In those days, no man would sleep in the same area where a woman was sleeping. There was a saying, in those days, that if a man sleeps whole night with a woman, he would become a woman. Her female nature would influence him. So no one did this. It is some smart person who discovered about sleeping together so that double beds keep selling. This has been the cause of the downfall of people. What has one gained from this downfall? All the contempt for the females has disappeared. Now it would not take long to make the ones who have gone down to go up.

How can there be double beds in Hindustan? What types of animals are they? The men and women of Hindustan were never together in one room. They always stayed in separate rooms. But instead, look at it nowadays. Nowadays the father himself makes the bedroom with a double bed for his son. And so they take it for granted that this is the practice in the world. I have seen all this.

If men left the company of women and stayed away from them for fifteen days, they would become like God.

What is unaccompanied ‘shaiyasan’? [shaiyasan = shaiya (bed) + asan (seat) ] It means that you do not share your bed or your seat with anyone including the opposite sex.  There is no type of touching by husband and wife. The writers of scriptures used to believe to the extent that if you sit on the same seat that an opposite sex was sitting, then you will be affected by him or her, you would have thoughts about them.

Questioner: What form of karma is bound from sexual interaction and sexuality?

Dadashri: The karma of entry into the animal life form is bound. The entire spectrum of sexuality is itself the animal state. In the olden days in Hindustan there used to be sexless sex. That is, sex was only for the purpose of giving a gift of son or a daughter.

Questioner: Dada, you stress brahmacharya and show abhorrence towards abrahmacharya. But by encouraging this the population of humans in this world will also decrease. What is your opinion about this?

Dadashri: There has not been any decrease in population after so many surgeries like vasectomy and tubal ligation, then how is brahmacharya going to decrease it? They are trying to reduce the population through surgeries and still it is not going down. Brahmacharya is a great thing for liberation.

Questioner: Is it not considered abhorrence towards a natural process?

Dadashri: This sexuality in man is not a natural process. It is pure animal behavior. If it was a natural process, there would not be a need for brahmacharya. These poor animals practice brahmacharya. They have sex only for fifteen-twenty days in certain seasons and then they do not.

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