Tuesday, February 22, 2011

As long as we have physical body we practice physical love - sexuality but with Love and for Love only !

making experiences - any kind of experiences - with a feeling of guilt in your sub consciousness is to be avoided at all !!!! learning process is much slower if done with such feelings like sin, guilt or failure !!! do whatever you want to do, but do it consciously and it may become possible to make an experience a single time or several times and learn a huge amount from this experiences and realize and apply all you have learned form it in your being. suppressing any experience - even afterwards -refrains you from applying all you may have learned from it and thus causes a repetition of the same lesson until you do it consciously and allow yourself to learn from it freely.

the subconsciousness is part of your causal body and is becoming more and more conscious during the spiritual development of any person !!! hence the word "sub-"conscious is quite difficult or even wrong, as it may cause a self-hypnosis of remaining SUB-conscious. however it is the spiritual goal of any soul to be fully God-conscious, i.e. conscious of anything and of all the truth, the absolute reason and cause of all.
anything made by God can be but divine - it is the question how you do it - however that makes the difference. even death is divine - but there is a difference on how God releases a person out of his physical body and how mankind on earth does it most of the times.

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