Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -Brahmacharya : Eternal Bliss

In this kaliyug, current era of the time cycle characterized by a progressive decline in spiritual knowledge and moral deterioration, it is very difficult to practice brahmacharya. Our Gnan is the ocean of bliss and therefore one’s practice of brahmacharya is possible. What is the reason for abrahmacharya and sexual indulgence? It is due to the fire of inner restlessness and discontentment. By working all day long constant inner burning restlessness arises. To quench this fire of restlessness and discontent within, one indulges in transient pleasures of sex. Because of this Gnan there is not a problem for you for moksha but if there is brahmacharya along with it, the resultant bliss is boundless and eternal. There is endless bliss of the kind that the world has never experienced before. Infinite bliss is produced if; thirty-five years of the potentially difficult time, passes without errors in this vow.

Not every one needs to take the vow of brahmacharya.  It is only for those whose for whom brahmacharya is ready to unfold. Such persons are filled with constant thoughts of practicing brahmacharya. Some of them will then take the vow of brahmacharya. It can be a problem if it is not.  What can one say about the vision of the one who is established in brahmacharya!It is very special. The vow of brahmacharya can be taken for one year or even for six months. If you keep having thoughts of brahmacharya despite your repeated efforts to suppress them, only then you should ask for the vow of brahmacharya, otherwise it is not worth asking for this vow. It is a tremendous sin to break the vow of brahmacharya after taking one. Nobody forces you to take this vow.

A lifelong vow of brahmacharya cannot be given, in this day and age. It is a dangerous to do so. It may be given for a year. If one takes the vow of lifelong brahmacharya and if he fails then, not only will he fall, but he would also make me instrument of his fall. Then if I am sitting next to the vitarag Lord in Mahavideh Kshetra, he will come there and bother me, ‘Why did you give me the agna? Who told you to be over wise?’. He would not let me sit in peace with the Lord. He will fall and he will take others with him. Therefore, you have to continue to hold the deep inner intent for brahmacharya and I am giving you the strength to do so. Do not rush make your wishes methodically. The faster you do it, more deficiency there will be in it.

If you take the vow of brahmacharya and follow it at its fullest without errors, you would achieve a wonderful place in the world and attain moksha within one lifetime. There is tremendous power in the words in my agna of brahmacharya. The vow would not break if there is no weakness on your part. That is how strong the power of my words is.

Until then, severely test yourself to see if the inner intent is that of jagat kalyan, the salvation of the world, or is it to feed the ego of false pride? It is possible to find out everything by testing your self. If this is being done to feed the pride and the ego, that too will dissipate in time.

If only one pure man is around in this world, then he alone is enough for the salvation of the entire world! For this, total absorption in the Self is needed, and nothing but the Self is asked for. Start by having a constant inner intent for salvation of the world only, for one hour and at times if the link breaks, start all over again.

When can you do the highest good for the world? It is easier when there is renunciation and the appearance of it. It is more difficult when one presents the appearance of the married Even for the latter it is possible, but only a few will benefit. The public at large will not. Renunciation should be like ours, the kind that is devoid of the ego. And this conduct, the attained brahmacharya is a very big thing, of a very high level.

The constant awareness of ‘I am Shuddhatma’, ‘I am pure Soul’, is the supreme brahmacharya. There is no other bhramacharya like that. Yet if one wishes to achieve the stage of an acharya level, the level of an elevated spiritual master then he would need this world recognised brahmacharya. Presence of a companion lady would not be accepted there.

By just giving up abrahmacharya, the whole world subsides, effortlessly. By just following brahmacharya the whole world ends, does it not? Otherwise, you can give up thousands of things and yet not achieve anything.

By just acquiring the agna of brahmacharya from the Gnani Purush there is the experience of so much bliss! You have yet to put it into practice and yet you already experience this bliss. Have you experienced such bliss?

Questioner: I have experienced it, Dada. From that very moment, everything became clear inside.

Dadashri: It became clear from the moment you took the vow, right?  You need a clear mind when you take it. I had checked, his mind was clear at that time. This is what is called the acceptance of brahmacharya, ideal conduct. In our Gnan the ideal conduct is to be the knower and the seer. Thus for us all we have the combination of brahmacharya, the ideal relative conduct and the ideal real conduct. The world has not tasted the bliss of this combined conduct. It is completely different.

Questioner: When can you say that one is free from all sexuality?

Dadashri: When you do not have any thought of sex whatsoever.

There are no thoughts, no sexual looks or anything else along these lines regarding sex. It is as if he is ignorant about it, then it is considered attained brahmacharya.

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