Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -Awareness Of the Self Against Sexuality

Questioner: How does one know that he has become engrossed in a sexual thought or sexuality?

Dadashri: ‘Our’ opposition exists in it. This opposition of ‘ours’ is the anti-engrossment tendency. This objection itself is the tendency to not get involved. ‘I’ do not want to enter anything that is sexual, and therefore this opposition of ‘ours’ is there constantly. The opposition is the separation. If by a mistake there is involvement and engrossment, then pratikraman must be done.

Questioner: There is definitely a determined nischaya and the resultant objection against any element of sexuality, yet circumstances sometimes arise that causes one to become involved in it, what is that?

Dadashri: You cannot get engrossed if there is opposition and if you do become engrossed then you are said that have stumbled. And for that there is pratikraman.

You should use two kinds of visions. You already have the vision that, ‘he is pure Soul’. The second vision should be used when an attraction arises. This second vision is the ‘three vision’. If you do not use the ‘three vision’ you will be deluded and pulled.

Attraction would not occur if one were to see the body as it is. But this is not possible for ordinary human beings. For me this is natural. I see everything as it is.

Questioner: I do not understand when you say you see the body as it is. Please explain.

Dadashri: It means that no matter what kind of clothes a man or a woman is wearing, the first vision is that of nakedness, the second vision is of that without skin, and the third vision is of all the internal organs and contents. Will there be any sexual attraction then?

If you see a woman and you immediately take your eyes away from her, but your eyes keep going there only, your eyes keep getting pulled there, then that is called a ‘file’. Therefore this is the only mistake you have to understand, in this day and age.

Questioner: Can you  please clarify more as to how to purify this vision?

Dadashri: Once you acquire the awareness of ‘I am pure Soul’ then your vision will become pure. If  youslip and experience a sexual impulse,  then you should speak aloud five to ten times, “I am shuddhatma, I am shuddhatma, I am shuddhatma”, or say, “I am  like Dada Bhagwan, free from all sexual impulses”, and the awareness will return. This is all you have to do, nothing else. This is science that can produce results right away and if you neglect it just a bit, you will be thrown in a different direction.

Questioner: How does the awareness decrease?

Dadashri:  A veil of ignorance comes over him. The energy that protects and upholds brahmacharya is veiled. It becomes blunt. Therefore the awareness becomes dim. Once this energy that preserves brahmacharya becomes blunt, it is as good as being useless and it does not help. Then he suffers, suffers a lot. Then the inner lawyers, the mind, the intellect will feed and nourish the wrong understanding, ‘ so much has been attained in this Gnan, there is no real problem now’.

Questioner: What energy is it that protects the energy of brahmacharya?

Dadashri: Once you have slipped, the protective energy that existed becomes blunt and weak, inefficient.  Just like a bottle of milk with a loose cork, if it is lying on its side the milk will flow out by itself, whereas before we had to remove the cork.

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