Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -Sexual Behavior: Dismissal From Group

It is wrong to come to this group of mahatmas and then have sexual impulses and sexual look towards anyone. Here everyone comes with full trust.

By coming here all the sins, including sexual sins, that were committed elsewhere are cleansed. But, the consequences of the sins that are committed here will have to be paid for in hell. We can release you of your sins that are already committed, but we must avoid committing new sins. Here is a solution for the sins that have happened.

It is better to get married than to behave as an animal in sexual matters. What is wrong in getting married? Fulfilling ones sexual needs by getting married is better. Not getting married and continuing to be sexually active with many persons is a very dangerous and earns you the right to go to hell. We cannot have that here, can we? Having sex with your marital partner is rightful sex.

Breaking the vow of brahmacharya is a major fault. Breaking the vow of brahmacharya is a major problem. It is like a huge fall from a great height. It is like uprooting a ten-year-old tree. Ten years are wasted, are they not?It is like replanting it all over again. When the person practicing brahmacharya slips, just for one day, all is lost.

Questioner: My commitment is firm, but I still make mistakes.

Dadashri: I can accept if other mistakes are occur, but circumstances leading to the sexual interaction must never happen.

You must accept two conditions: First if act of sex happens, then I would personally leave this group of brahmacharis, nobody else will have to tell me to leave. I will walk away on my own. Secondly, if I dose off in spiritual lethargy in the presence of Dada, then I will accept whatever punishment the group gives me. This punishment may be fasting for three days or something like that.

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