Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -Complete Safe Side In Brahmacharya

There is a precondition and requirements to be able to practice brahmacharya. The precondition is that you should have taken Gnan. Then the necessary requirements are; being in a group of people practicing brahmacharya, they should live in a place outside and away from the city and they should have some continuing guidance. All these circumstances should be present.

Questioner: Does that mean that bad company can destroy the power of a firm resolution of brahmacharya?

Dadashri: Yes, it would break your resolve. Bad company can completely change a person’s behavior just as can the company of good people changes you. But once a person joins the company of the immoral, it is very difficult to bring him back and it does not take long at all for a person who is in the company of spiritual people to get into immoral company.

Questioner: There are all kinds of tubers within, but the tuber of sex torments the most.

Dadashri: Certain tubers will torment you more than others. You need to keep an army ready to counteract that. All the tubers are being worn out and exhausted slowly, and one day they will all be exhausted.

Questioner: What do you mean by an army? Pratikraman?

Dadashri: Pratikraman and firm resolution (nischaya), are the armies to be maintained. Then the  continued darshan of the ‘Gnani Purush’ is necessary. If you become remote from this live darshan of the Gnani Purush you may have problems with brahmacharya. Therefore to be free from all potential dangers in this path of brahmacharya is not an easy thing.

Questioner: When would complete safe side occur in this quest of brahmacharya?

Dadashri: There is no way to know when you can be completely safe. But after thirty-five years, strength of the inner sexual impulses will wane and thus will not torment you as much. Then you will have much greater control than now. And your internal state and body will follow your thoughts of brahmacharya. Your desires will not be tainted with sexual elements and thus will not harm you. But for thirty-five years there is a lot of potential danger.

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