Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Modesty is the ornament of women. To go beyond the boundary of modesty, to behave like a man, destroys the elegance, grandeur, grace and beauty of the fair sex. Nothing can atone for the want of modesty in a woman, without which beauty is ungraceful. Modesty is a fundamental virtue which a woman ought to possess. Modesty is a wonderful mixture of humility, politeness, decency, elegance, gentleness and sweetness. Modesty is the most precious ornament of a woman. A modest woman is restrained by a sense of propriety. She has good behaviour and manners. Modesty is the mark of true nobility. A woman without modesty is a flower without fragrance. A woman without modesty is a mere void although she possesses many other virtues. Modesty raises a woman to the status of divinity. A modest woman commands respect.
O Devis! do not waste your lives in fashion and passion. Open your eyes. Walk in the path of righteousness. Preserve your Pativrata Dharma. See divinity in your husband.
-Swami Sivananda

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