Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Amal: Sometimes the Poorest of Men are the Richest"

AMAL Nominated for 6 Genie Awards! 
Best Motion Picture

(David Miller & Steven N. Bray)

Achievement in Direction

(Richie Mehta)

Performance by an Actor
in a Lead Role

(Rupinder Nagra)

Best Adapted Screenplay
(Richie Mehta & Shaun Mehta)

Achievement in Music
Original Score

(Dr. Shiva for "Rahi Nagufta")

Achievement in Overall Sound

(Sanjay Mehta, Stephan Carrier, Kirk Lynds)

 "AMAL, a multi-layered portrait of contemporary India, follows an auto-rickshaw driver in New Delhi AMAL who is content with his small, but vital role in city life.
One day he drives an eccentric billionaire G.K. JAYARAM who, disguised as a vagabond, is searching the streets for the last morsel of humanity, and someone to will his fortune to. After their fateful meeting, both of their lives are changed forever.
Filmed on location in New Delhi, India, this modern day fable questions the meaning of wealth, and ultimately reveals that sometimes the poorest of men can be the richest."
This film was selected as one of Canada's top 10 films of 2007.

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