Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Message to You

Radiant Immortal Atman!
Om Tat Sat! Homage unto the Divine! It is an immense happiness to me to address these few words to you today. May they be engraved in your heart and be enshrined in your thoughts!
Live with understanding and wisdom. Understand the meaning and purpose of life. Understand your real nature and why you are here. Here on earth you are but a passing traveller. Your real abode is that realm from whence you came. Here all things are temporary. All things pass. Therefore seek the Eternal. Your Real Nature is not earthly. It is spiritual and deathless. To realise your Reality, your eternal identity is the purpose of life. While you strive diligently for this inner experience, cultivate Ideal Relationship with this world around you. To all beings relate yourself with nobility, sympathy, kindness, love, selflessness and the desire to serve all, SERVE HUMANITY AND SEEK DIVINITY. Compassion to all is the key to blessedness. Humility is the highest virtue. Truthfulness is the greatest treasure. Self-control is the supreme wealth to possess. Egoism is the worst blemish.
Be an ideal individual. Become a spiritually illumined soul. Thus crown your life with Wisdom, peace and blessedness. You will then become a blessing to all mankind. I wish you Joy and Peace.
-Swami Chidananda

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