Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Lotus of the Quiet Mind -Meditation Music

The Lotus of the Quiet Mind 
Nadaka - vocal, anantar harp, bamboo anklung, percussions, tambura
Also features:
Debi Gosh on the sarod
Bryce Grinlington on the flute
“In the stirrings of nature and holy chants alike the silent deeper mind can hear the essence of sound itself. India's ancient seers knew it as the infinite sound of OM.”

Living Colours 

- Guitar,Vocal & Tambura
Balasai - Flute & Vocal
Raghavendra - Violin
Sivaramakrishna - Sitar
Ganesh - Tabla
Ramakrishnan - Mridangam, Kanjira & Ghatam

Six Compositions based on traditional Ragas, judiciously divided and indexed in 18 distinct parts; all are equally remarkable in the way the texture of the music varies between density and light threads, meditation and affirmation, journey and arrival.

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