Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Living Oneness Study Guide

Restoring Wholeness in a Fragmented World

Together with our DVDs, this study guide is a valuable tool for individuals, study groups, educators, business people, and anyone inspired to better understand a way of being in the world that is ultimately about service and stewardship.

  • Complete Study Guide and Individual Chapters
    Download Complete Study Guide: PDF
  • Introduction
  • Attributes of Oneness – I: The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts
    Within and beyond every individual thing
    Everything has a part to play
    Feeling connected
  • Attributes of Oneness – II: The best things in life are free
    Free and abundant
    Power and service
  • Dimensions of Oneness: Orienting ourselves in the vastness of oneness
    Vertical oneness
    Horizontal oneness
    Integrated oneness
  • Distortions of Oneness: What oneness isn’t
    The paradox of oneness
    Distortions along the vertical axis
    Distortions along the horizontal axis
    Distortions of integrated oneness
  • Fallacies of Oneness: Oneness is uniformity, and other misconceptions
    Sameness – unity without diversity
    Group think
    Globalization and fundamentalism
  • History of Oneness – I: Where has oneness been all this time?
    Oneness and spirituality
    Oneness and psychology
    Oneness and philosophy
  • History of Oneness – II: Finding oneness in the details
    Oneness and science
    Oneness and indigenous peoples
    Oneness and social change
  • Oneness and the Future: A revolutionary – and evolutionary – shift
    Oneness and the evolution of consciousness
    The Ecozoic era
    New partnerships
    All aspects of society
    Crisis and change
  • Oneness Now: More than just seeing holistically
    Seeing what’s hidden
    Oneness and sustainability
    Who are we?
  • Service: Shifting the emphasis from getting to giving
    Responding to needs around us
    Overcoming resistances
  • Living Oneness: Synchronizing head, heart, and hands
    Our heads
    Our hands
    The heart

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