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சிதம்பரம் & சிதம்பரம் இரமலிங்கரின் Temple

Om. Shri Shiva Nataraja dances His Cosmic Dance of Bliss in the great temple in Chidambaram. It is a treasury of history and all arts.Most structures now part of the complex date to the period of the later kings of the Chola dynasty. According to the oral and textual tradition the origin of the temple goes back to at least 2500 years ago.For more information on the architectural history please visit my website For more information on the traditions and the temple in general please read go to Thanks for your interest.

Welcome to Vadalur  Sathya Gnana Sabai Learn :  
ஜீவகாருண்ய ஒழுக்கம் & சாகாக்கலை
Vadalur is a small town 10 kms from Neyveli is a spiritual place A great Saint Vallalar established his Sathya Gnana Sabai, here at Vadalur.Birth: 1823 Disappearance: 1874 Ramalingaswamigal, popularly called Adigalar or Vallalar, born in 1823 near Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India. Vallalar lived the early part of his life in Madras and settled in later Vadalur in 1867. He had a divine call in him as a representative of the earth and felt himself as an instrument of the Divine for the universal manifestation of the death - conquering Vast Grace -Light on the earth. He saw the vision of a divine evolution of the earthly life in the wake of its Manifestation. He realized the supreme and universal Divine integrally and his body became transformed and filled with Light so much so it did not cast its shadow on the ground. He eventually attained a transformed and divinized golden physical body, deathless and ever indestructible, shadow less and sleepless, and full of Light. 
We set out from Maylathdurai by hiring a cab for a round trip beginning with Vaitheswaran Koil which is one of the navagrahas, the weather which was calm started showing its true colours. When we reached Chidambaram, the rain gods started pouring like cats and dogs. The downpour was so immense that we witnessed water was flowing like a river in the temple complex. Without 2 separate umbrella and blessings of Lord Shiva we would have been drenched to the core. 

It is quite perplexing not to have a clear cut founder of the temple. The majority of the patrons were from Pallavan, Pandyan and Vijaynagar empire. The Eastern Gopuram was constructed by by the Pallavan king Koperunsinghan II 1243 1279, the western Gopuram was constructed by Jadavarman Sundara Pandyan 1251 1268 and the Northern Gopuram was constructed by Krishnadevaraya of Vijaynagar 1509 1529.

But who is the real architect behind this huge temple ? The most probable suitor is the Parantaka Chola I ( 907 950 ) who installed the golden tiled roof on the Chitsaba Subsequent Chola kings Paranthaka II , Rajaraja Chola I, Koluthunga Chola and Vikram Chola ( 1118 1135 ) have made substantial donations for the upkeep of the temple.
The antecedents of the temple is much earlier since the temple architecture is of older version. Some historians believe that the credit of the temple construction should be bestowed on Simmavarama II 430 -458. ( Pallava Prince ) The declaration made out on the copper plates confirms that he gave up his rights and settled in Chidambaram. It is believed that he was responsible for constructing the initial edifice, which later expanded by Chola kings.

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