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True wisdom temple or Saththiya Gnanasabai (சத்திய ஞான சபை)

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A particular ethereal particle of God Himself, has been lit up as our soul-atom and the very same has evolved as all our soul, life and bodily being. Now we can accept that ether particle itself is the wise temple of God or Chidambara Alaya (சிதம்பர ஆலய) (சிற்றம்பலம்) or Chitrambalam (சிற்றம்பலம்). From here we see the divine dance being performed everywhere and from here alone we have to realise and enjoy the divine life; but we are only in awareness of the Nataraja Natanam ( நடராஜ நடனம்) everywhere outside. Because the external space is filled with the basic divine light of gold, this vast temple is called golden temple "Ponnambalam", or Porchsabai or Perambalam(பொன்னம்பலம் / பொற்சபை அல்லது பேரம்பலம்): And the inner temple of atomic form is said to be Chitrambalam or Chitrsabai. (சிற்றம்பலம் அல்லது சிற்சபை)    

            Saiva devotee prays Natana sabesha (நடன சபேசா), putting himself in front of the Lord, i.e. from the root of the nose between the eye-brows. By this prayer he gets some grace of God to make his life successful. Traditionally Saivates pronounce or write the word Thiruchitrrambalam (திருச்சிற்றம்பலம்)  in the beginning and ending when they worship or do any good and important things. This is meant for invoking the divine grace for obtaining good result in all persuits. So much good only was expected from the worship of Chidambara Alayam (சிதம்பர ஆலயம்). But much more we can have by the worship of Arutperunjothi in the temple of Uttara gnana Chidambaram (உத்தர ஞான சிதம்பரம்).

            True wisdom temple or Saththiya Gnanasabai (சத்திய ஞான சபை) of Vadalur is called Uthara gnana Chidambaram (உத்தர ஞான சிதம்பரம்) because this has given the experience of supreme knowledge to live in God. Uttaram (உத்தரம்) is subsequent eminence of the past one. Paragnanam (பரஞானம்)  is supreme knowledge, this may be taken along with' That' or' Tham'; and it will be that paragnanam (பரஞானம்)   or Tharparagnanam. (தற்பரஞானம்)   In the old Chidambaram a man gets only that paragnanam (பரஞானம்)   i.e. he gets this knowledge of God, keeping himself away from that God. But in this Uthara gnana Chidambaram (உத்தர ஞான சிதம்பரம்)    a person realises Tampara gnanam,(தம்பர ஞானம்) which is the knowledge of both God and man in one form. Tam (தம்) stands for plurality of their, while Tat  points out singularity of It or That.

            Our Vallalar recognises the Arutperunjothi in the ambalam with being himself in oneness of Him. Even from keeping aloof of God a man is able to get from Him in something good. Hence when he lives in oneness of Him, it is certain he can obtain the highest goodness or the Divine blissful life from Him. Therefore we must reach Vadalur (வடலூர்), the Uttara gnana Chidambaram (உத்தர ஞான சிதம்பரம்)  which is indeed, the inner temple to be followed by all at any time. In this inner temple alone the Arutperunjothi is ever kept aglow without sinking and vanishing. At any moment we are cordially invited and offered His grace to make our life blessed. The external Vadalur (வடலூர்),  wisdom temple is a symbol to denote the real one in us. He humbly requested all, "Do not miss to see Thaippusam" (தைப்பூசம்). In fact Thaippusam (தைப்பூசம்). (means the inner gracious light to be perceived when one is in good spirit of knowledge and life. By realisation of the Arutperunjothi whatever happens will be for the good of one.

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