Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Shakti Foundation - Sachin Tendulkar Ramp Promotion Video

This is a video promoting the building of ramps to assist the physically challenged. 
Special thanks to Sachin Tendulkar. Our sincere thanks also go to the crew that made it happen:

Concieved by - Mani Ratnam 
Music - A.R.Rahman 
Director - Deepak Bhojraj 
D.O.P - P.S.Vinod 
Art Director - Sabu Cyril 
Audiography - H.Sridhar

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mouna Guru - Super Scenes

Arulnithi comes to meet his brother but the house is locked. Iniya,a medical college student and sister of his sister-in-law comes and helps him get into the house as she has a soft corner for him. He collects money from his brother and bids bye to his brother too. His sister in law does not like him talking to her sister.

Arulnithi's mother grumbles that though he is smart and brilliant he is unsuccessful because of the anger. Upset Arulnithi goes to the terrace. Iniya follows him and Arulnithi opens conversation with her and confesses that he feels happy if she holds his hand. 

Iniya invites Arulnithi home when her sister's family are out on a tour. She cooks for him and Arulnithi criticizes about it. When the door bell rings they get scared that the family is back, but are relieved to know that it was the gas cylinder delivery man.

Arulnithi's hostel security is checked about the number of entrants of students. Though the father suspects something fishy the watchmen manages. Arulnithi comes to meet his mother. He meets his brother's inlwas family there. He is not entertained properly there and even feels Iniya will leave him and go.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sathuranga Vettai (2014) Nice Scene

Munne Yen Munne

Song: Munne Yen Munne
Singer(s): Sathya Prakash
Movie: Sathuranga Vettai
Music: Sean Roldan

Munne en munne pudhu vaanam ela.
Meley imai meley mudhal thooram vila.

Suthamaagiren, maari pogiren
kadhal vasathiley.
Meendum vellai thaalaaga
vazhkai aanadho ...
Kadhal thoorigai kondu
vannam theettudho ..

Kudisayin vazhiye
valiyum paal nilaa.
undhan mel vilundhu therikka
pudhu kerakkathai kodukkudhadi.

Viyarvayin thuliyayai
padamaai maattri.
undhan kaiyyodu kodukka
endhan vizhigalum kalangudhadi.

NIjamaa kanamaa puriyaa nilaiyil
en naatkal unnodu odum.

Thani oru ulagil , neeyum naanumaai
kadhal neer vittu valarthom
andha ssedi indru pookkudhadi.

Karuvinil asaiyum uyirin osayayai
ketkum nam nenjodu adhan idhayamum thudikkudhai

Azhagaai azhagaai kaalam idhupol
maaraamal eppodhum vendum.

Munne en munne pudhu vaanam ela.
Meley imai meley mudhal thooram vila.

Suthamaagiren, maari pogiren
kadhal vasathiley.