Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -‘Three Vision’ Stops Sexual Vision

Use the same experiment that I had used for myself. For me this experiment is constantly in place and it had kept me aware even before enlightenment.  When the vision falls on someone wearing beautiful clothes, a saree worth two thousand rupees, I become aware and see her naked. Then a second awareness arises and I see the body without the skin and then the third awareness arises and I see the intestines, the kind you see when the stomach is cut open. I can also see changes that occur within the intestines.  I can see blood vessels; I can see fecal matter etc. I can see all the refuse this way. Then there is no chance of sexual impulse arising, is there? In all this, the Soul is the only pure thing and that is where my vision stops. Therefore how can any illusion over sex ever occur?

Shrimad Rajchandra has said, “All the miseries come to an end if you do not get deluded and see the pure Soul (within all).” We read in scriptures that you should not become attached to women but you forget this the moment you see a woman.

This is the illusion. If this illusion leaves, this view that ‘I am Chandulal’, and instead the right vision, ‘ I am pure Soul’, takes hold then all suffering comes to an end. Then the delusion will not happen, attraction will not occur.

Questioner: When a man looks at a woman and has sexual thoughts about her, is  the woman at fault to some extent also?

Dadashri: No, the woman is not at fault at all.  Lord Mahavir’s appearance was such that a lot of women were attracted to him, but this did not affect the Lord. The gnan says that your actions should be with good intentions. Your dressing and conduct should be such that it does not attract the opposite sex. If your inner intents are pure then nothing can be harmed. Why did the Lord pluck all the hair on his head? He did that to avoid any sexual impulses arising in the minds of women who saw him. He had his hair removed so that they do not become a cause for ruining someone’s inner intent. As it is Lord Mahavir was very attractive. He had the most beautiful body in the whole world.

Questioner: Does the attachment and illusionary my-ness over a woman have to leave before the sexual impulses towards her begin to dissipate?

Dadashri: The sexual impulse has been there for countless lives, and you never know when it will rise again. Therefore, it is important to remain within the company of brahmacharis. If you go out of this company, because of the existing impulse, sexuality will start to sprout all over again. Therefore, you have to stay in the company of brahmacharis. The tendency to delve in sexual sweetness has not been completely eliminated; therefore it can start all over again when you mix with the wrong people. That is the nature of wrong company.

Wrong company has no affect on the person whose tendency and inclinations of sexual nature has been eradicated or gone.

Your attachment to the illusion of sex will disappear if you follow my agna. If you try to remove it yourself, it is so powerful that it will sabotage your effort and everything. Therefore, instead of fighting to remove it, you should say to it, “Sit down, I will honor you”. Then, by remaining the Self, and focusing with this awareness on the attachment and the impulses, it will all dissipate and leave. This is the same as coming under the protection of Dada’s agnas.

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