Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to measure his spiritual purity

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The sight of a pretty young girl in a passionate young man creates sexual attraction and excitement in his mind. She touches his heart and the thought of the young woman intoxicated him. If these symptoms are not present in a man, this is a sign that he has realized Brahmacharya. The sight of courting or mating birds, animals or the sight of the naked body of a woman should not cause the slightest stir in the spirit of Brahmacharin. If in the mind of a Brahmachari, the desire for a being with a woman when there is a strong desire to talk to her to play with her and joke, if there is a desire to look young and beautiful girl, when the view lewd and unchaste, and if there is a desire to touch a woman, the lust still lurking in his mind. Then there's sexual desires. These should be wiped out.The old thief is still hiding. Such a Brahmachari must be very careful.
He is still in a danger zone. He has not yet reached the status of perfect purity. Even in the dream should not generate the desire to want to touch a woman or be with a woman to do. The purity of a Brahmachari can be measured in the way of his dreams. If a Brahmachari is completely free of sexual dreams, then he has reached the highest level of purity. Self-analysis and introspection are indispensable requirements to determine the state of purity. A liberated sage does not have a wet dream. The one who has realized Brahmacharya will not have a bad dream. The dream is the criterion to assess the status of our mental purity. Have you no impure dreams, then take to your purity. The desire for sex should completely disappear from the mind. Sukadeva (Indian saint) had this experience.Sukadeva not married. He left his house and walked naked through the world. The separation was for his father, Vyasa, very painful. Vyasa roamed to find his son. While he was in a pool of water came by, in the female nymphs to the free play indulged, they were terrified and ashamed and hurriedly moved her clothes back on. Vyasa said: "Very strange indeed! I'm old. I wear clothes. But when my son comes over here naked, then you remain calm and does not run it, "replied And the fairies:".. Oh, venerable sage, your son makes no difference between a man and a woman, but you very well "

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