Monday, February 21, 2011

Q&A -Five Pure People For Salvation

You just have to decide that ‘I will never slip’, and if you slip then I have to forgive you. If ever anything deteriorates within for you, you must let me know immediately so that a solution is given to you. It will not improve right away; there is always the possibility of deterioration.

Until you know the consequences of your mistake, that mistake will keep recurring. Why does anyone not fall into a well? Why is it that lawyers make fewer mistakes? It is because they know that their mistakes will have consequences. Therefore you should be aware of consequences of your mistakes. You must, first find out the consequences of what you are doing wrong.

For those who have constant contemplation of Dada, the Gnani, all ‘locks’ get unlocked, all the problems get solved. Oneness with Dada is contemplation. This occurs only when one has a lot of meritorious karma effect. Contemplation of the Gnani reaps direct fruits. That contemplation gives you energies similar to his.  Gnani’s Self-state is beyond imagination and yields unbelievable results. He can make you like him. Contemplation of the Gnani makes one absolutely and totally independent. Thereafter you will not feel that,  ‘today I did have his satsang, I did not have his darshan’. With contemplation of the Gnani, you have to become as independent as a Gnani.

Who, in this world, can obstruct the one who has made a very strong decision to be the instrument for the salvation of the world, for jagat kalyan? There is no power that can stop him. All the celestial gods of the universe shower him with flowers and bless him. Therefore, why don’t you decide on that goal? From the moment you decide that, you would not have to worry about the requirements of your body. As long as any intent for anything worldly remains, you will have to worry about the requirements of your body. Look, how much prosperity and worldly ease this ‘Dada’ has. If there exists only this one desire, then one is blessed. And the authority of the celestial gods is with you. These gods do have very real power and authority. That will continually help you. There is a need of only five persons with this exclusive goal. In it there must not be anything else, no other subtle aims or desires. In times of difficulties or in sleep, there should be only this one goal.

Remain very alert and keep the ‘Gnani Purush’ over your head constantly at all times. You never know when you will encounter difficulties.  At that time ask for Dada’s help or summon him and he will be present.

There is no one to bother you if you are pure. Even if the whole world turns against you I can handle them alone. I know that you are pure and so I am capable of handling anyone. I have to be assured hundred percent. You cannot handle the whole world therefore I have to take your side. So, do not worry at all. There is no one in this world to bother you if you are pure. Dada can confront anyone in the whole world who talks about him, because he is absolutely a pure person. His mind is pure too.

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