Monday, May 16, 2011

Turiya Nada - "Invoke the Masters"


Invoke the 210 Siddhar Gurus by Siddhar Rajaswamy: 
The actual live recording of the invocation of the perfected light beings, the Siddhars, in a Siddhar threshold in Mahalingamalai at an auspicious time with the sacred fire by Siddhar Rajaswamy. 

The story behind this powerful invocation: Siddhar Rajaswamy served Siddhar Thalaiyattinathar for many years, accompanying the grandmaster of enlightened yogis through the forests and occasional forays into towns and cities. After several years of being with his guru, Siddhar Rajaswamy was asked by Siddhar Thalaiyattinathar- "Recite your inner mantra". Siddhar Rajaswamy immediately began reciting various Goddess mantras and other mantras that he felt was close to his heart. Each time a mantra was recited, Siddhar Thalaiyattinathar would say, "No. Keep quiet". For several months, Siddhar Rajaswamy wondered what the inner meaning of this immense question was. One day, Siddhar Thalaiyattinathar told Siddhar Rajaswamy, "Any mantra recited creates energy that goes back to the person who gave the mantra. There are the inner mantras that emerge from our sub-consciousness. There are mantras that invoke the presence of the Masters. When we invoke the presence of the Masters of Light, should even one of the Masters grace us, our life is totally transformed. Recite the invocation of the 210 Siddhar Masters as a daily mantra and be transformed as a Siddhar yourself. These 210 Siddhars who we recite keep taking birth to reenter as human to take humanity to the next level. These 210 Siddhars have taken form as Christ, Swami Vivekananda and all the enlightened beings. Recite the invocation and may their presence be a blessing to all on earth". 

The sacred gathering's chorus of "AROHARA" at the end of each invocation means, "We invoke the sacred presence of the divinity within ourselves in our inner fire". "Arohara" is the inner fire we visualize as we allow the resonance to alight us within. Recite within yourself, "AROHARA" at the end of each invocation to feel and enjoy the presence of the beings of light in our life!

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