Wednesday, May 25, 2011

22 Heartbreaking Photojournalism Pictures – Bleeding for Peace!

In all my previous photography posts, I’ve always tried to bring creative and beautiful compilations for you guys. However, today I have collected some “not-so-pleasing” shots but definitely food for thought.
You would have surely heard of the term “Photojournalism”….a form of news reporting where images are used to tell the entire news story. This type of journalism has rapidly gained prominence since violence and aggression has risen all over the world. Terror attacks, suicide bombings, war in Afghanistan and Iraq, protests and revolt in Egypt….these all are the grueling moments that are happening around us. Therefore, to keep the general public aware, journalists capture these grim realities of life in their cameras and release them over internet.
Lately, I came across some of the most heartbreaking and disturbing pictures of photojournalism and thought of sharing them with my readers. I think it’s high time we all realise that… “Peace can never be achieved through war”. Peace is not about fighting for vengeance. It is a process of removing anger and hatred amongst ourselves. Always remember:
 “The more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war. “
Let’s have a look at these heart-rending pictures which clearly prove that we are not “human beings”anymore.



Chains of freedom


Jesus told me where to bomb


Make War & Hunger History


9/11 collapse


Police State


Height of Poverty


Praying for salvation


Real Courage


Riots in Egypt


Standing Guard


Struggling To Survive


Symbols of hatred


Tears of War


The abandoned child


Egypt on fire


The  Sit-in


Thirsty Child


Where is my vote?


Held Hostage


London Riots


Women Fighters

In the end, let us all make a pledge that from this day forth, we shall strive for peace and eliminate all forms of warfare and conflict. Let’s make this Earth a better place to live. May GOD bless us all!

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