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SKM Siddha and Ayurvedic

ISO Certificate
The SKM Medicine manufacturing was started as a small grass root level by the name SKM Charity Trust Siddha Pharmaceuticals in the year 1989 as a part of a backward integration to the SKM Charity Hospital. Since the demand and the need for quality medicines scaled up and also as per the Vision of our Managing Director Mr. SKM Shree Shivkumar the trust was restructured into a Limited Company “SKM Siddha and Ayurvedha Company (India) Limited” and the trust pharma infrastructures were improvised with a project cost of INR 120 Million.

Manufacturing the Siddha Classical products such as Chooranam, Thailam, Legiyam, Nei, Ennai, Choorana Tablets, Parpam, Chendooram and the Ayurvedic Classical Products such as Choorana, Thaila, Legiya, Guggulu, Gutika, Arishtam and Aswavams.  The Siddha and Ayurveda Proprietary products includes Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Ointments, Creams etc. are under in the pipeline of manufacturing.  The total staff strength is 230 Nos. presently working down line under our Executive Director Mrs. Kumutaavalli Shivkumar who is guiding and motivating the Staff to their excellence.
         The SKM factory is endorsed with Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940, for 550 products including Shastric and Proprietary Medicines., AGMARK licence for sale of honey, Factories Act 1948, SSI Certificationunder  State Government and National Small Industries Corporation from Govt. of India, Air and Water Pollution Control Act with Effluent Treatment Plant of 50,000 litres Capacity.The Factory is also endorsedwith Good Manufacturing Practices Certification (GMP) right from the year in 2002 and it is the first factory in Tamilnadu to get the certificate in Tamilnadu.  Adding a feather to the cap, it has been also certified with ISO 9001 : 2008 for successful implementation of Quality Management Systems.
The Medicines are prepared in a clinically clean environment by adopting highest degree of Plant Hygiene, Personal Hygiene, which paves the way for Product Hygiene.  All GMP guidelines such as Standard Operating Procedures, Batch Manufacturing Records, In Process Controls, In House Standards are stringently followed which ensures the Efficacy and Safety of the medicines.  Quality raw materials make the quality process.   Hence all the Raw materials are tested by the Q.C. Laboratory consisting of Botanical, Microbiological and Chemistry Lab and the tests are carried out for the intermediate and also the finished goods.  The Quality Control and Quality Assurance Lab along with the Production Department will go in line with each other and the every step of the process is being assured to deliver a quality medicine.
   Our   Factory  consists  of  the  following infrastructures.
    1. Tablets, Coating Pan - Mass mixer, Sifter, Ribbon blender, double cone blender, granulator, tray drier, tablet machine (16 stations rotary), Coating Pan for preparing.
    2. Capsules - Capsule loading, Capsule filling and Tablet capsule counting for packing of tablets and capsules.
    3. Herbal Powders (Chooranams) - Standard pulverizers, Micro-fine impact pulverisors, Blenders, Sifters for preparing Chooranam and other Powders.
    4. Syrups - Automatic Syrup manufacturing plant for manufacturing of Syrups and Automatic filling lines.
    5. Ointments/Cream/Gel/Tooth Paste - Automatic production and filling lines for Ointment,Cream,Gel,Tooth Paste.
    6. Medicated Oils, Jams (Thailam, Legiyam, Rasayanam, Ghirutham and Manapagu) -Steam generating boilers, double jacketed SS Kettles and Pans and Steam, Electrical driers.
    7. Aristams, Asavams, Kashayams – Drug boilers, fermentation tanks, Centrifuge.
    8. Parpams, Chendoorams, Mezhugu, Karuppu - Mechanized stone Kalvams, Grinders, Ball mill, Huller Machines.
    9. Packing - Shrink packing machine, Tablet/Capsule Blister Packing Machine, Foil Seiling Machine, Semi Automatic Legiyam Filling machine, Semi Automatic & Automatic labeling machines.
    10. Utility - Effluent Treatment Plant, Air Compressor, Vessel Washing, Electric Generator, Solar Dryer.

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  1. The motto of Maharishi Ayurveda, to ‘create a disease free society’ is uniquely beautiful approach to health & highly researched preparations set it apart from other Ayurvedic companies.