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Khalel :: A way to lead a non-violent lifestyleProduct List
“Non-violence is when no one gets disturbed as a result of my existence.”
We would like to thank ‘Beauty Without Cruelty’ (BWC), an international organization, for letting us publish their list of non-violent products. It is worth being a member of this organization. Although the basic aim is not to publicize this organization but we won’t mind if this organization is getting publicity.


Amar, Anchor, Parle Prudent, Parle, Prudent Calcium, Prudent Triple Protection, Prudent Mint, True Gel, Smyle 2

Anchor, Vicco Vajradanti, Promise

Cinthol Classic, Cinthol International Lime/Special, Shikakai Crowing Glory, Lime Fresh, Nirma Lime, Lime Fresh, Godrej Shikakai, Chandrika Ayurvedic, Mysore Soap (Karnataka Soaps Ltd.), All Soaps of Khadi Bhandar (Khadi Village & Ind. Commission), Shahnaz Soaps, Gulabchand Joharimal Soaps, Kavit Soap Industries, Shampoo & Conditioner, Silkesha (Jainson Product), Shahnaz Hussain Products, Aayur Natural Hair Wash (Herbal House), Radians Amla & Shikakai (Jain Cosmetics), Hair Colour, Aayur Heena, Hair Dye, Golden Liquid & Powder Hair Dye

Shaving Cream
Rich Foam, Menthol Mist, Lime Fresh, Shaving Round (Godrej Ltd.)

Hair Preparation
Cococare Coconut Oil, Dharmatma Hair Oil, Dr. Jain’s Oil, Herba Oil, Shahnaz Herbal Hair Care Products, Rita Hair Oil, Himkanti Hair Oil, Pampa Hair Cream, Jainsons Products, Shalimar Coconut Oil

Talcum Powder
Cinthol Luxury, Satin, Classic (Godrej Soaps Ltd.), Shahnaz Ayurvedics, Ice Cool, Mint Cool, Nature’s Way (Jain Cosmetics)

Face Pack & Scrub
Shahnaz, Kanti Aurvedic Herbal Skin Pack, Chantik Herbal, Nature’s Way, Dr. Jain’s, Ayur

Scin Care Products
Shahnaz Herbal-Bleach, Sun Screen, Eye Cream, Moisturiser, Dr. Jain’s, Nature’s Way (Jain Cosmetics), Lalit Cream, Vicco Turmeric, Nutech Aloe Gel-20

Lipstick & Nailpolish
Chambor, Body Shop, Shalips (Shahnaz), All Products of International brand “Body Shop” are 100% Vegetarian

Pain Balm
Lalit (Raja Balkrishnalal), Herba (Herba India)

Bags, Wallets, Purses, Footwears
Certain products of Rinaldi (Rinaldi Designs), Vega, Alfa (Veg. Ways)


Bags, Wallets, Purses, Footwears
Certain products of Rinaldi (Rinaldi Designs), Vega, Alfa (Veg. Ways)

Cleaner & Detergent
Pampa Liquid Soap, Phenyle (Pampa Industries), Treek, Frill, Freshee, Good Morning (Dadia Chemicals)

Washing Soaps
Naulakha (Dharmchand Ladhamal)

Tissue Paper
Jackson (Pilot Products)

Shoe Polish Brush
Smart Shine (Gala Plastic Industries)

Libra (Libra Carpets)

Pearl Glow (Rohit Pulp and Paper), Sinar Mas (Sinar Mas Industries)

Eco Board (Western Bio Systems Ltd.)

Glue Stick
Fevicol, Fevistik (Pidilite Industries)

Safety Matches
Homelites ( Wimco Ltd.)

Incense Stick
Homelites ( Wimco Ltd.)

Incense Stick
Karmyogi l Melting Aroma l Cleanex Pdts (India)/Floral Insence


Gardenia, Gardenia Wheat Germ, Klassic l Ovenpick, Wibs, Supreme, Spicer’s Ragi

Ovenpick, Spicer’s Sponge Eggless Cake, Tarla Dalal Eggless Vanilla & chocolate Cake

Parle products : Parle-G, Monaco, Cheeslings, Parle-G Magix, Milk Shakti, Fun Centre, Marie, Krackjack, Sixers, Jefts
Ovenpick Biscuits, Khari & Butter Cookies

ABC Farms, Aavin, Amul, Amul Spread

Amul, Vijaya, Gowardhan

Milk & Milk Products
Amul Tazza Milk, Amul Milk Powder, Amul Masti Curd, Spico Soya

Ice Cream
Baskin Robbins, Amul, Natural (Sweet Home), Parsi Dairy Farm

Baskin Robbins Dry Cone Mix, Weikfield’s Pudding, Custard Powder, Drinking Chocolate & Ice-Cream Mix, MTR Softee Mixes, Sooper Ice Cream Mix

Lion, Ranjit, Rasada, Karuna

Cooking Oil
Dhara, Saffola, Postman, Sona, Samrat, Gemini, Tilola, Tilsona, Utsav, Tej, Ruchida, Mastan, Malkin, Kripa, Indu, Korn Drop, Coco Shine, Aurum, Ashwin, Ami, AO Coconut Oil

Double Diamond, Sargam, CTC, Hanuman Tea, Orthodox, Sonipur, Agro, GPG

Sherbat &Squashes
Pritis’ Sherbet, Haldiram’s Sherbet & Squashes, Ideal Badam Thandai

Fruit Juices
Onjus, Life, Tropicana

Jams & Jelly
Mala’s, Orange Marmalade, Weikfield, Bora’s

Bora’s, Pravin, Sing Chuing

Knorr Tomato Soup


Diet & Health Foods
Baggry’s High Fibre, Weikfield Health Food & Drinks, Dr. Jain’s

Nutritional Supplements
Chyvanprash (Dharmatma Ayurveda Rasashala)

Top Ramen Smoodles (Tomato, Macho Masala), Leong Hakka Noodles, Spicer’s Granola

Soya Products
Rozana, Spicer’s Tofu, Spiso

Gardenia Toastees, Laxminarayan Chiwda, Garden Namkeen, Ovenpick Pattice, Amul Pattice, Haldiram’s Namkeen

Instant Mixes
Tarla Dalal - Cake, Gulab Jamun Mix, Idli, Wada, Dhokla
Gits - Idli, Wada, Dhokla, Dosa, Sambhar, Jalebi Mix

Masala, Cooking Aids
Spice Drop, Natural Vinegar, Weikfield Baking Powder, Peacock Baking Aids, Priya Masala, Instant Spice Extract

Parle : Chox, Kismi, Melody, Cafechino, Mango Bite, Lacto Candy
Amul Chocolate

Sadhana Centre

B/1, Mahavir,
Derasar Lane,
Ghatkopar (E),
Mumbai 400 077
                       Tel: +91-22-2516 15 33
                              +91-22-2031 71 00
                              +91-22-98212 28292

Books are also available at:
Ahinsak Jeevan
(A non-violent products shop)
2, Annapurna Ind. Estate,

46, Tilak Road,
Ghatkopar (E),
Mumbai 400 077
Tel: +91-22-2512 47 64
       +91-93247 66060
Sudha Ashwin Doshi
3rd Floor,
Sony Chambers,
Avantikabai Gokhale Street,
Opera House,
Mumbai 400 004
Tel: +91-22-2386 77 40
       +91-22-2386 05 10
Khyati Jinesh Gandhi
703, Aavishkar Tower,
Gulmohar Road,
Off: Chandavarkar Road,
Borivali (West),
Mumbai 400 092
Tel: +91-22-2895 37 58
       +91-98671 87698
Parul Dipesh Gala
701, Prime Residency,
9th Road,
Khar (West),
Mumbai 400 052
Tel: +91-22-2649 93 99
       +91-98670 28028
Jayshree Piyush Shah
Tel: +91-265-2330578
Parimalbhai Khandhar
Tel: +91-79-2747 96 61
       +91-94288 00258

‘Khalel’ means causing disturbance. The name itself is suggestive that anything wrong happening around us should bring about ‘Khalel’ in our lives. But we have become so insensitive that nothing is affecting us. I have no right to cause ‘Khalel’ in the natural surroundings. I should realize that just as I crave for happiness and dislike unhappiness, so do all the creatures in the world. Everyone has a right for life and to live happily and I cannot snatch it from them. But my every movement is somehow, somewhere upsetting the natural rhythm and causing ‘Khalel’.
The aim of the book as visualized by its author, Shri Dhiren Shah, is to bring about ‘Khalel’ and to awaken people.
Overwhelming success of Gujarati ‘Khalel’ brought with it the demand for it in English and Hindi, so as to cater to larger sections of the society.
The number of copies printed till date are: Gujarati – 60,000 copies English – 15,000 copies Hindi – 7,000 copies
All these printed copies are available at the rate of Rs.7/copy.
At this point we would like to thank all those who have offered financial assistance to this cause. And we request your active support in purchasing ‘Khalel’ and distributing it in the society.
The greater the participation, the easier it is to bring about a revolution.
Since the last 17 years he had been running a paathshala (spiritual class) for the youth in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Along with this he would also teach about non-violent lifestyle, good conduct, patriotism, principles of Mahatma Gandhi and accelerate the overall development of youngsters. In conjunction with fulfilling all duties of a householder, he had inculcated dharma in his life, was practicing spiritual discipline and guiding numerous youngsters on the way of adhyatma. His innate life was an inspiration for all the youth. Whether be the act of helping animals or the event of some natural calamity, he together with his team of young people would always be present to help physically, emotionally and monetarily!
The fragrance of his good deeds will stay around for the longest of times. His sudden and accidental death has been an irreplaceable loss not only for his family, acquaintances or young friends, but also for the entire society. May he finish his journey towards self-realization at the earliest and enjoy infinite bliss wherever he might be … this is our prayer to the compassionate Lord.

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