Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sri Ramalinga Swami's Experience!

Sri Ramalinga Swami's Experience!
 (Thiru Gnana Sambanthar)

Sri Ramalinga, in his young age, took this great saint into his heart as the Guru. Jnana Sambandar was guiding him from within, until Ramalinga got the divine Grace Light as the Inner Guide and Supreme Unique Guru. The following poem is an early one, written when Ramalinga had not much advanced in his spiritual path, though he had already achieved the Realization by the grace of his chosen Guru Jnana Sambandar:

“O Jnana Sambandar, my noble Sat Guru! You has told me (by inspiration) what, if one gets the experience of the self (uyir anubhavam), will form the basis in which the higher experience of Grace (Arul anubhavam) will come and in that defectless and noble experience will arise in turn the experience fo Suddha Siva anubhavam. O Jnana Sambandar, who as a child of tender age of three years took in happily the milk of Knowledge given by the supreme Shakti, and fostered and developed the path of Truth”.

“O my Sat Guru! O Siddha Purusha! O Treasure! O Jnana Sambandar of the famous place Sirkali. You had instructed me thus: 'Transcend each of the states of tatvas (principles of lower manifestation) and reach the unique Paranada state where you will realize the Self (which is the same in all) without your being (the individuality)' . This is called Uyir anubhavam. O Guru! You has made me realized the Self in myself, in the said plane of consciousness”.

“O my Sat Guru! O Jnana Sambandar! You has revealed to me by words thus: 'In the realm beyond the unique Paranada (the highest level), it is the experience of Grace (Arul anubhavam) which makes your being (true individual self) become the fearless eternal and infinite Self-existence and also one with Parampara, the global universe within and without, and gives a blissful state beyond description of words' ”.

Sri Ramalinga Swami's Experience! 
(Saint Manickavasagar)
The following verses are part of a song of praise on the saint Manikavasagar composed by Sri Ramalinga, also in his early age.
“Devotees madly seeking after Peru Veli, the Vastness of the Truth-World which is beyond mind and all the instrumentation that arise from out of the womb of the Darkness (Karu Veli, the subconscient and inconscient darkness) got stuck up in Guru Veli, the Space of Heaven. But Oh you! Who hail from Vathavur, got unified in that very pure and supreme Space of Universal Form which is praised by the Vedas”.
“People who have been doing Tapas for a long time absorbed in mind in that well-known chakra of Ajna (at the middle of eye brows) and thereby becoming lean in body with a bony frame have been disappointed not finding the Goal. But, Oh Lord of beautiful Vathavur! You attained successively a form of Love, a form of Grace and finally a form of Bliss”.

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